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5 on the streets: Back to school

The school year is underway after the summer holidays, and many have just started a new school. Ung.no interviewed 5 adolescents on the topic of school.

Amalie, youth journalist, ung.no

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These questions were asked:

1. What grade / line are you in?
2. What do you look forward to with school?
3. What are your plans for the future, thus further education.


Sander, 14 years

1. I am in 10th grade

2. I look forward to get the diploma, and I'm also looking forward to meet all my friends again.

3. Currently I want to educate myself to cook.


Tora, 16 years

1. I have started vg2 Children and youth.

2. I look forward to lots of activities and learning. I also look forward to learning about how children and young people are thinking.

3. When I finish vg2 should I go General Studies extentions, so I get general admission. So I want to work in animal shelters or something the like.


Cecilia, 17 years

1. I've started on the line Service, Transportation and Security. I walked Service and Transport last year, I was very happy with! It was the best solution for me. I want to continue with what I'm interested in, it is after all no point to do something you are not comfortable with.

2. I look forward to seeing classmates and my friends again. Friends I have made in class, means a lot. Both teaching at school and for me in time, they are in a way become a part of me. I also look forward to a brand new school year and I can educate to a profession that I know I will enjoy working with.

3. When I started in high school, I had no plan for what I would do next with my education. But I want to educate myself as much as possible, but at the same time not be too skolelei. I plan to finish high school and then go on folk a year. I think that it is better to school first and get it over with, then continue with what you have worked so hard to achieve. Instead of dropping school a few years and then start again, then it might be a little heavier. One must work through things you do not like to achieve what you want.


Gerard, 17 years

1. Horse and Farrier vg2.

2. I shall look forward to meeting my classmates again and develop. I also look forward to learning more about horse.

3. My plan going forward is to go General Studies extentions, I want to go to Bible school and after that I will study at university or college.


Johanna, 17 years

1. General Studies bodywork. I go to a boarding school and has moved far from home.

2. I am looking forward to experiencing something new and meet new people! Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to everything that happens in the dormitory at night. Among other bibelgruppe, meetings and other activities!

3. I know that I I want to work with people in the future, but I do not know what yet. Maybe it will be a social worker, kindergarten teacher or music therapist. 

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