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5 on the streets: Got yourself a summer job?

Have you had a summer job this year? I asked Ann Helen, Susann and three others in Oslo on how they intend to earn money during the summer.

Jacob, youth journalist ung.no

The questions:

1. Have you got a summer job?

2. What should you so, do / what would you working as?

3. What should / would you use the money.

Ann Helen (17 years - on the left)

1. No, I have not.

2. I would have worked in a isbutikk or in a candy store.

3. I'd visited my girlfriend in Kristiansand.

Susann (16 years - on the right)

1. Yes, I have.

2. I will illustrate a book.

3. don't know.

Athenna Athenna

Athenna (19 years)

1. No.

2. I would rather worked out. Perhaps seating.

3. I'd gone for money.

Johann Johann
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Johann (18 years)

1. Nothing established yet.

2. Drummer.

3. I'd spent money on food, beer, snuff and some smoke may. Perhaps also a gum package.

Jonas Jonas

Jonas (19 years)

1. No, I have not.

2. I'd worked as a sound engineer or guitarist.

3. For the money I earned I'd bought laser surgery on the eye.

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