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5 on the streets in Kenya: What makes you happy?

Ung.no has asked Kenyan youth about what affects their mood. Their responses differ enough part of the Norwegian youth would reply.

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1. What makes you happy?

2. What gives you energy?

3. What makes you angry?

1: Music!
2: To meet new, nice people!
3: Seeing that other people have it good!

Edwin (19)
Edwin Edwin Kenya
Edwin Kenya

1. Being alive!

2. Successful leaders and my family.

3. Manipulative and selfish people.

Hawa (20)
Hawa Hawa Kenya
Hawa Kenya

1. Listening to music

2. When I have the courage to do something special, and when I get the advice of my friends.

3. That someone shouts to me and yelling at me.

Shafi (18)
Shafi Shafi Kenya
Shafi Kenya

1. To go to places and have fun.

2. Eating fresh fruit!

3. When I quarrel with mother, father or with my girlfriend.

Joel (18)
Joel Joel Kenya
Joel Kenya

1. Playing football.

2. To watch movies or be on the Internet.

3. When some ailments and injuries young children.

Abdallah (20)
Abdallah Abdallah Kenya
Abdallah Kenya

1. To make juice, be with friends, girls!

2. Fruit gives me energy!

3. When I do not get paid for the work I do for my dad.

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