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5 on the streets: Sleep

when unable to sleep is the best tip my thinking about anything but that one can not sleep:) example, one can try to imagine a dream and just fantasize themselves into sleep

Are you one of those who sit up late into the night, or you're good to leave you when you notice that you are tired? "5 on the street" has been out and interviewed youths about sleep.

Jacob, youth journalist ung.no

We asked:

1. Do you feel that you sleep enough?

2. Why are you sitting up there?

3. Can you get up in the morning?

4. Do you have tips for other young people can get to sleep more?

Eli Eli

Eli (17)

1. Sometimes.

2. Mac means that I will be seated upstairs.

3. Yes, I get always up in the morning.

4. Decide to quit PC session earlier.

Martine Martine

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Martine (16)

1. No, I'm always tired.

2. Mac mostly.

3. Some occasionally, today I had one quarter of me, but I got to school.

4. Do not sit so long up there with the PC.

Mohammed Mohammed

Mohammed (16)

1. Yes.

2. There are a lot of things one must follow that f. Ex Facebook, Twitter, movies, etc ..

3. Yes, but sometimes it's totally freaking.

4. No, I have not.

Henriette Henriette

Henriette (16)

1. No, I feel I'm all for staying up at night and are far too early in the morning.

2. Whether I look at film, television or on the PC.

3. There are so far.

4. Do not rest so much on the day, be rather active so that one gets tired at night, and then one should not turn on the PC.

Sander Sander

Sander (16)

1. Some.

2. Facebook / PC.

3. Yes, I do.

4. Counting sheep?

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