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Age limits - boat

Why is the speed limit on boats? you cycle the faster ..

The rules are somewhat fucking shit !!!! Nobody I know ever follow these stupid laws! I'm running even in 28 knots and is only 13 !!! It is nonsense some Østlendingen have found on that has never been at sea have made to destroy the lives of children. You do not put someone else or yourself in danger by driving even 30 knots as 10 years. Greeting irritated skipper.

I saw on a boat with top speed 20 knots and had saved long. Now heart mit crushed

What is quite "stupid" is that it is made a general rule for all of those 10 years until they are 16. One thing is that a 10-year-old can not drive faster than 10 knots, but to believe that a 13 14, 15 or 16 year old think it's "fun" to prowl around 10 knots, is to believe in Santa Claus. Do it rather obligatory to take courses in marine traffic (and 'yes' sailing license should also been endrett scroll drop "test concept" and define the content based on age, what is of real interest and define what is the absolute minimum to know etc)

Hello, I am a boy of 15 years and runs a hurrycane 370 runs about 40 knots after adjustments. I've taken and passed the Boating evidence, what is the fine mine if police only takes me an engine? I'm not obliged to have a skipper certificate as long as I have filled 16. The system is part irritated because one can take evidence long before filling and still have to wait. but again how great the bot antadligvis be?

I have a steady (small) with 9.9 had I have out the derre plomber thingy so I get 15 horses, derr ether welded I aliminium to the metal. 40 Knots, spoken cops; D

There is no age limit to drive a boat. But there are limits on what kinds of boats you are allowed to run both before and after the age of 16 - and if you have your boat license or not.

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There is no minimum age to drive a boat, but you are under 16 there are three conditions that must be met for you to operate the boat.

The boat can not be longer than eight meters
The boat can not have greater power than 10 hp
The boat will not go faster than 10 knots
Are you born 1.1.1980 or later and will bring pleasure craft with a length of 8 meters or with an engine with power more than 25 HP, you must have your boat license . NMD has adopted regulations which regulate the conditions for mandatory boat license.

skipper sample
Age to start a sailing license is 14 years, but you will not get the evidence in hand before the age of 16. It may seem easy to drive a boat, but the water is rarely calm, and the sun does not shine forever. Fog, dark, narrow straits, whimsical beacons, compass, navigation lights, yachts and cargo ships can cause problems if you do not know how to deal with them. Skipper sample introduces:

navigation, navigational instruments
Distress Signal
the Rules
safe use of boat
handling emergencies.
Read also: marine traffic laws
The price of the course varies. Check to see if your school offers Boatmanship sample - it can save you lots of money.

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