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Discrimination in the workplace

Many people have experienced discrimination or discriminated against in the labor market - although there are several laws that prevent this. Let me know if you have experienced discrimination!

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Unfortunately discrimination or discrimination in hiring, labor and other factors at work - although there are laws to prevent this. Therefore it is important to react if you experience discrimination!

What kind of discrimination occurring in the workplace?
National and ethnic origin.
Religion and Spirituality.
Political view.
Membership of a trade union.
Sexual orientation.
Prohibition of discrimination in employment
Discrimination in the workplace is regulated by several laws, but most important are the Working Environment Act Section 13 (protection against discrimination), the Gender Equality Act (for sex) and the Act on ethnic discrimination. There are several characteristics of job applicants or employees who can give these a special legal protection in accordance with these laws, which has its basis in constitutional provisions and international human rights conventions.

Right to equality
When it is unlawful discrimination?
Direct discrimination will be asking some worse than others, for example by failing to summon a person to interview even if he is academically on par with other applicants. The same applies to demand information about the applicant's religious affiliation or political views, without this special legal in one of the exceptions from the prohibition on discrimination in laws. Exceptions can be when seeking employment as a priest in a religious community.

When are exceptions approved?
It is allowed to discriminate if it has a legitimate aim, does not disproportionately affect the person or persons so treated and whether it is necessary for the performance of work or profession. Discrimination is also legal as long as it is to achieve a legitimate objective, and while it does not disproportionately affect it, or who are treated differently. It must not be contrary to the prohibition on indirect discrimination, discrimination on grounds of age, or discrimination against an employee who works part-time or temporary employee (§ 13-3 of the Working Environment Act) .

What is discrimination?
Read more about employment discrimination in the Labour Inspection. and the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud (LDO) . In LDO can also share your experiences and get help to complain if you believe you have been discriminated against.

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