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Employment contract and certificate

Got yourself a job? When you are entitled to a written employment contract. And when you leave their jobs may require a letter of reference. Here is information on your rights as an employee.

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The employment contract protects both you and your employer against misunderstandings about their rights and obligations. In the contract you and the employer also agreed how much to work and what kind of job you have. It is important that it stated in the contract who is your employer.

Oops! I do not have an employment contract ... Do not get paychecks either, and has occasionally worked for twelve hours straight without overtime paid (beyond the normal hourly wage of 85 kr.) Do not know if you are entitled to it too, I ...

Hey, I have worked in a company in just over a year, but here I thought to quit. Due to the e

What should be included in an employment contract?
Work Agreement content may vary but certain information to be included in accordance with the Work (§ 6.14).

The employment contract must at least disclose the following:

Parties identity.
A description of the work or the employee's title, post or category of work.
The timing of the commencement of the employment.
If the employment is temporary; expected duration.
The employee's rights to holidays and holiday pay, and the rules for determining vacation time.
The employee's and the employer's notice periods.
The pay applicable or agreed, any options that are not included in the salary.
Length and disposition of the agreed daily or weekly working hours.
The length of breaks.
An agreement concerning a special working arrangement under the provisions on reduced working hours, flexible working hours, etc.
Any probation provisions.
Details of any collective agreements regulating the employment relationship.
A verbal agreement is also binding, but oral agreements makes it difficult to prove or agree on the conditions under which you were hired for.
According to the Working Environment Act, all entitled to a written employment contract - even if you are only employed for a short period. Work Act also requires what a contract should contain.
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NB You are not defenseless without employment either. No employer can deprive you of the protection that the laws provide. The rights and duties Work Act ensures you apply anyway.

Free employment contract
Employment contract can download the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority or by LO.

You are also entitled to a written letter of reference. The certificate shall tell what you have done and how long you have worked in business. The certificate is important to take care of. Later, when you should seek another job or admission to school, your personal certificate a written proof that you actually had a job with a particular content. Often also tells certificate how you've done your job. There may be recommendations that are worth much later in life. Remember that neither future employers or educational authorities accept anything other than written testimonials.

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