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How to find your first job

"I want a job but is a little shy and do not dare just go to ask about a job." Many who have never had a job before asking us about how to go about finding a job. Here are some great tips!

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First of all - the most important for finding a job is that you are motivated for it. It is quite normal that you're nervous, but the worst that can happen is that you do not get jobs at places you ask. If you show interest and says something about why you want to work exactly where you ask, the manager / boss treat you seriously and answer whether there are any job opportunity there or not. Here are some tips for your journey:


When you are aged between 13 and 15 years, one can take the easy work. It is wise to go back the places you want to work and ask directly there. Go for example stop shops, kiosks, cafes, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels or other places and hear if they need help. To show interest, and manager / boss gets a better idea of ​​who you are. Tell a little about when you might want to work. Remember that the work must not collide with your schooling.


Most positions are appropriate for youth, are unfortunately not advertised on websites, finn.no or in the newspaper. Most people get work through someone they know. Many get the first work through contacts and its network. Ask why parents, parents of friends, friends of your parents, relatives, teachers, schoolmates, and so on if they know of any places where there are job opportunities for you.


You will most likely not get your dream job right away, but with more experience will be considered for getting other job offers once. Thanks therefore yes to things you might not think sounds exciting, but is still a paid job and who can give you the experience you can refer to later.

Examples of work:
Go with the newspaper or advertisements.
Clearance work, to housecleaning and the like.
Dog Aeration, child care, washing the car to the neighbor, helping to paint houses, mowing grass etc.
Work on the farm, picking fruit / berries or groom animals.
Tips on where to find jobs:
Hang tags on the store, school, post office, library and so on, where you write that you want to work and what kind of work you envision. Write a little about yourself as well. Take a round in the neighborhood, and they ask you know who might need help. Drop by places you can think of to work.

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