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How to quit the job?

Should you cancel verbally or in writing? And you should tell the employer why you resign? Here you can read more about the rules for dismissal.

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Be positive and professional
You have no obligation to give the reason for you to stop, but it's still most professionally to tell your boss that you want to quit, and give the reason for it. You should preferably do this before handing the resignation so that the resignation does not come as an unpleasant surprise. Be as honest as possible in the conversation, but feel free to try to emphasize the positive aspects of your time in the job.

I got a job in a company that my first job that lasted for 3-month. There were some internally that I disliked and by their own mistakes so I was so unsure of the job that I told her boss humbly. I should not hate made. Also considering that the work also received assistance from financial assistance from NAV. Maybe it was the biggest problem? I chose to tell your boss that wanted a meeting with nav and me to find out what we do next. It was set one day to this meeting, and I was "happy" for it. The problem came when I also mentioned it to run leader who the boss and "running head" were family. The problem came when the kjøreledern said that I then could just as well go to the day. I would not do it and decided to take some missions. By the time I got to the first place so I got a call from the office which was involved in hiring ect. Then I got told to get up there when I was inside igen. When I did so had the person written a paper with my name and of those that read "I (name) hereby voluntarily and of his own desire to quit working with (company) on the day." Because I was not sure so I thought, oh well .. then they can obtain other and I find another place. So I actually wrote under. Do not really know which of those things was the worst but the strange thing is that the boss was not in the office and when I came later to submit work clothes so I met the manager and he was not particularly happy to speak. He said that I had kept him for a fool in 3uker. Iettertid then I really hear it from NAV until they got my side of the story as I heard nothing more from the other than that I had an experience with it. With the next job that I had been offered the familiar to the company I was with and thus that they had the calling to received dems version that it was I who had quit the day. So my point, remember how you say it and who to say it to. Have a good relationship with your boss so put it forward gently. So you do not come into the same trap as me. I was prostrate in 1year afterwards and it treats I no.

Have started to approach me to come in port with a new job when I do not feel treated fairly in the workplace I am at today. What can happen to me in relation to the employer if I go during the day? Have contract, one month notice period.

I have been told that if you get one job offer that is better paid than your current work so you can quit your day without the company may require that one should go the notice period fully or deducted from wages as a substitute for the company if necessary. Must rent a new man to meet you. Is this correct? In that case, this should be here.
Remember certificate and reference
When you terminate the job, it is important that it happens in an orderly manner, so now you have worked in remember you in a positive way. You may need your boss as a reference when searching jobs later, and then it's very important that he / she has a good picture of you that she / he will disclose. You can also get wanting to come back to your old job, or ending up with old colleagues in a new job. It is whatever benefits the ratio of enterprise are well after you quit.

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Rights and duties
You should always quit his job writing. The written application does not have to contain any grounds or other such information (see example later in the article). You are however some rights and obligations under the resignation:

You must submit a written resignation. The notice period starts the first day of the month after you submitted the resignation. Do you deliver on February 15, begins the notice period ie on 1 March.
The notice period is usually 14 days if you are in trial, or three months if you have contracted. In order to be able to stop before the notice period has expired, you and your employer agree that dettte's okay.
You are entitled to a written statement from the company. It will contain information about how long you've worked there, what you have worked with, and so on. Ask politely for a certificate if you do not get it automatically.
It is always advantageous to work equally well in the period of notice as you did before you quit. How boss an extra good impression of you as he / she passes on whether you use his / her reference at later time.

Read more about dismissal by the Labour Inspection .

How should a written resignation look like:
My name
My adress
Postal code and city

Location and date of termination

The name of the job
by my boss
Address of the job, postal code and place


I hereby waive up my position as an assistant at Duestien kindergarten.

My name

Give your boss know that you're going to deliver dismissal. Be polite in conversation, and emphasize the positive experiences you've had in business.
Live a short and simple written notice.
Do your best during the notice period so that the company has a positive impression they can give to others seeking a job with.

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