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My father is mentally unstable and alkholisert. I do not and have him listed as my father

Hello. My father is mentally unstable and alkholisert. He has struggled for many years and made my life and others' terrible. He is married to my mother. I do not and have him listed as my father. Are there any laws and rights so I can waive his parental responsibility from me. I do not want such a father in my life. Need something he can sign so that this exclusion is visual for him. I'm 20 and do not live at home

Children Act regulates who is our legal parents. This has the greatest impact when we are children (under 18 years), because legal parents have rights and obligations in relation to the child. When you are an adult, has the legal parenthood less actual significance. That's because we as adults can decide who we will be in contact with and what contact we want to have with our parents. When the child is an adult, parents have no right to have contact with children their if the children do not want to have contact. Children may still not waive his or her parents legally, even when the child has become an adult.

It might be good to get aired his thoughts so that it does not stay inside you. You can talk to your school nurse or your mom about how you feel.

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