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Post: "Let us in, then!"

Beer service is no reason to shut us under 18 out of concerts.

The post is taken from Aftenposten Si; D

I've been looking forward especially to this year. This year I fill namely 18 years, which means I get to vote and can buy beer at the store. That is not to underestimate the. Nevertheless, what I look most forward to is that I finally are considered adult enough to take part in Norwegian culture. For you are not 18, you're not old enough to go to a concert.

We are almost pushed into the theater. Cinemas and all kinds of quirky art exhibitions are open to us. Classical concerts release we also touched upon. But the offer that youth are most concerned, namely the ability to watch their own favorite bands perform live in front of their noses, it is reserved for adults.

The reason is not that they believe the concert itself is harmful to minors. The reason we denied access, is that someone has figured out that if you want a concert, make darn having beer as well. Thus, one must wait until they are 18 years old to be able to see your favorite band's alive. Norway is a small country, and especially for the bands that might not draw a very large audience, it is a problem that no promoters are willing to actually take a chance on book them.

I realize that the sale of alcohol therefore becomes a useful source of income, and I understand that many people appreciate this offer. Still, this is no reason to shut minors abroad.

At festivals get under 18's neon-colored bracelet that shows that they can not buy beer. They can still enjoy themselves with good music, and those over 18 can enjoy themselves with good music and beer. Why can not something similar implemented at city venues?

I would also point out that this sends a very bad signal to us youngsters, namely that wherever you go you meet closed doors and age because of the alcohol ban. Even in concert. So, to all concert organizers: We under 18 are at least as interested in music as they over 18. Give us a chance to see your favorite acts our live!

Dear Rockefeller. If I write "I am here for the music, not sell me beer" in the forehead, release I get on The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Dungen 28 February?

Greeting Elise, not old enough for live music (17)

I think that one should come into a concert when you are under 18 and that there certainly must be 18 years of age in all those damn konsertene.Det is just so insanely urettferdig.Jeg had decided to go on Röyksopp concert at Pstereo Trondheim when suddenly I heard that the course was 18 rated and alkoholsalg.Det was miserable for this was something I looked forward to: / Why not think like that: either fix a concert that is alcohol where those under 18 can enter and a concert with 18 year age limit, with alkoholsalg.Syns it is unfair to the less actually also will attend ANY of the otherwise tedious town.There is too little to do for youth under 18 when it should be a limit to everything, not wonder the chains seg.Syns it should be equal rights for us during 18 terms konserter.Det yesterday when ant to do something, how about a limited part, sharing the concert area for 2, with a wall between them or something sånt.På the one hand, they sell alcohol to those over 18 years and on the other side are those under 18 years and zero alkoholsalg.Syns it's a good suggestion I! :)

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