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Remember this when using fireworks

There are 18-year age limit for both the purchase and use of fireworks.

A total ban on missiles with joystick
There is a total ban on missiles with the control stick. Fireworks that could be confused with toys is also prohibited. There will still be allowed to buy and use ground fireworks.

Follow fireworks rules, then you are safer:
Prepare fireworks launch in good time
While it is still bright and before the party starts, you should make clear to the fireworks launch. Find a suitable location and rig for firing. The fireworks will be away from children and unauthorized persons until the launch begins. Make sure fireworks are shot up in a direction that does not put people or buildings in danger. Consider the wind conditions.

Read the instructions carefully before use
Make sure fireworks are approved for use in Norway before buying it. Follow the recommendations given in the manual. Notice age limits. For the use of fireworks is the 18 year age limit. There are 16 years of age limit for use of sparklers. Younger users must be supervised by a responsible. Do not hold and light more sparklers simultaneously. It can lead to a sharp flame and burns to the hand.

Make sure fireworks are not damaged
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Make sure fireworks are absolutely no visible injuries. Injured fireworks should not be used or thrown in the trash, but returned to the dealer.

Make sure fireworks not overturn
Ground Batteries must be placed on level surface and supported. Make a launching where fireworks stand steady.

Use spark rod
By kindling should not use an open flame, which can be so great that the antennas fireworks directly instead of fuse. A spark rod is easier and safer to use than as matches. This prevents the flame from a lighter or a match ignited the powder directly. Ignition Poles is usually purchased where you buy fireworks.

Crouch, firing fuse and go away
After the fuse is lit, one should immediately turn his face away and get a safe distance from the fireworks. To reduce the risk of injury to eyes due to errors by fireworks, one should under lighting using glasses.

Never lean over ignited fireworks
The fireworks can ignite before the fuse has burned completely. Inside the fireworks can be a hurtiglunte, which burns very quickly. Therefore ignited fireworks fired suddenly and unexpectedly. Many of the personal injuries recorded in connection with the New Year celebrations are facial and eye injuries.

Not spark fireworks again if it does not ignite at the first attempt
Although fuse appears to be extinguished, it may be a small embers which may cause ignition. Fireworks that does not ignite at the first attempt to stand for 30 minutes or soaked thoroughly in water before it is removed. It should not be disposed in the garbage, but returned to the retailer. Prevent children from using New Year's Day to collect the fireworks.

Maintain a safe distance from the launch
Make sure everyone stays safe distance. Minimum distance is specified in the instructions. Never point in the direction of buildings, vehicles, people or animals. Keep pets indoors.

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix
In the influence of alcohol reduced assessment capability, while the response time increases. Let an adult sober person take care of the launch.

local regulations
The municipality may impose local regulations regarding the use of fireworks. There may be a total ban on the use of fireworks in places of protected areas or extra large fire. As a rule, it is forbidden to use fireworks on other days than New Year's Eve between the hours. 18 and 02. Outside that period must always have permission from the police.

In agglomerations, near the dry forest or other flammable environments must also have fire chief's permission. Follow local regulations about time and place for the firing of fireworks New Year's Eve. If in doubt, ask the police or fire department.

Rockets and flares
It is not allowed to fire up rockets in connection with the New Year celebrations. Rockets / flares should only be used if you are in an emergency. Outdated rockets and flares will be returned to the dealer for disposal.

18 rated
Remember that there are 18-year age limit for both the purchase and use of fireworks. Careless and reckless fireworks use in children and adolescents leads each year to numerous fires and injuries. It is important that adults take responsibility and see to it that children and young people under 18 do not use fireworks.

The exception is smaller stars, which has 16-year age limit. Sparklers, children can use while they are supervised by adults. Sparklers with total length of 30 cm has 18 rated.

Sparklers used only outdoors and with adults present. Sparklers held with glove / mitten in stride away from eyes, skin and clothing. Ignition only one shooting star at a time. Store sparklers be fastened to the ground. Sparklers burn at high temperature and must be treated with caution. Do not throw burning sparklers into the air. Leave finished burned sparklers lying outdoors on noncombustible surfaces overnight before being discarded.

China Putter and throw bright

I think it's fun and fuck with fireworks. I dismantle them and also make my own. HOH people are hysterical it has never gone wrong with a fireworks I send up. I also let my children send up fireworks alone without supervision grew and it has always gone well. LOL

Hey, I sdvarer you who are young people or children, keep yourselves together with the våksne when to fire up rockets !!!!! important: there are more 100,000 people who die or are injured every year because there are young people who fire up rockets or it is våksne who get drunk. if you do not want to be killed or injured, or if you will not kill or hurt others, so do not let their children fire up rockets, fire them up yourself, make sure your family stays at least 15 to 20 meters from where you stand. (15 TO 20 METERS FROM THOSE FIRE UP ROCKETS) !!!! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KILL OR DAMAGE OTHER OR BE KILLED OR INJURED SELF: REMEMBER WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN TO ALL TOGETHER. DO NOT LEAVE children or adolescents YOUR CHILD DRIVE WITH STAR SHOTS ALONE !!!! THIS I PRINTER IS JUST AN ADVICE TO ALL TOGETHER :) GREETINGS ME :)

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