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Unemployed - what now?

It is important that you as quickly as possible orient yourself in the job and applying for vacancies. Start your job search right away.

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Start your job search right away
In Norway there are many vacancies in various sectors. Are you flexible when it comes to job desire and work, increase the chances of getting fast job. Go to job search on nav.no to see which positions are advertised. See also search tips to position base .

Subscribe nav.no . Then you will be available to search from employers, and your profile can be matched against vacancies in NAV position base.

See also the second job portals .
Check the websites of relevant companies that you would like to work in, many advertise vacancies there.
Consider unconventional. Many vacancies are not advertised. You can seek out an employer directly and send cover letter or open application. Use the network you have.
Start your job search even if you are laid off. If you find that the workplace is uncertain ahead, it is important to consider alternative employment opportunities.
Contact employment agencies and staffing companies. A temporary job can be a good option, even if you are laid off or part-time employee.
How to find jobs
See more job search tips .

Get notifications about new posts
You can subscribe to searches and be notified by email when new jobs match your search. Use the search options to position the base nav.no and select "subscribe to this search."

Do you need support from NAV?
After you have registered as a jobseeker, the NAV make an assessment of your opportunities in the labor market and your need for help to get the job as quickly as possible.

You will receive this assessment as a letter arrives in the mail, or in connection with a conversation with a NAV supervisor. The assessment is based on the resume and the information you have registered at nav.no. If you need, NAV will contact you for a conversation, or invite you for an information meeting. Do you need to speak to a supervisor before it, contact your NAV office and ask for an appointment.

How to write job application?
Apply for unemployment benefits
Should you apply for unemployment benefit you must first be registered as a jobseeker .

You must use separate application for unemployment benefits . You'll also find information about which attachments are needed and how to go forward to search.

To receive unemployment benefits, you must be active job seeker and apply for jobs.

notification card
Notification card will be delivered every 14 days. This makes you even on nav.no.

How to create a good resume
Unemployment benefit
There are special additional rules for unemployment benefit .

Wage Guarantee
Have you become unemployed as a result of bankruptcy you should acquaint yourself with the rules of wage guarantee .

debt counseling
If you experience problems with their personal finances, it is important to grasp the situation quickly. Contact your municipality for advice and guidance. Read more about financial advice and debt counseling .

Good luck!

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