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Volunteering for youth?

Hello I am a girl of 15 years that will start with volunteering. I have thought long on this, but do not know where I could enroll. I also wonder if there's something fivelligahetsarbeid for youth. I've checked out a bit and only found things for adults. I have imagined something within human rights and wonder if you can help me find what you wanted?

so exciting that you are interested in volunteering!

There are many ways to volunteer in Norway. You are right that there is some work that suits best for adults, but it is rarely age limits, and there are also several clean youth.

You mention specific human rights work, so I can tell about it first. For example, one can engage in this through organizations such as Amnesty, Changemaker, Press (Save the Children Youth), Red Cross Youth or political youth party. They have local chapters in many cities. If there is not where you live, you can also get help to start it up.

See this list of NGOs and political party youth.

Otherwise, most cities volunteer centers where one can get help to find something exciting where you live.

On the website many organizations have laid out specific missions / jobs to volunteering.

Please see the articles under the answer too. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

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