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When are you old enough?

You have your own rights from you are born, such as the right to have a name and nationality. Here is a list with an overview of the age limits for when to do what, from 0 to 21 years.

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You have your own rights from you are born, such as the right to have a name and nationality.

0 to 18 years
You are entitled to care and concern from parents or

They have the right and duty to make decisions on your behalf.
As you get older your parents listen increasingly to what you think, before deciding for you.
You have the right to regular contact with both parents even if they live separately.
When you are able to have their own opinions, you should be informed and given an opportunity to express yourself. Your opinion should be given weight in accordance with how old you are and how mature you are.
It is not allowed to beat children.
You are entitled to child welfare services if you are struggling or in need.
Are you in the hospital have the right to have at least one parent with you all the time.
If you have special needs or problems, you are entitled to special assistance.
Your parents have the right to stay home from work when you are sick, in a certain number of days, until and including the year you turn 12. If you have a chronic disease, so your parents will have the right to stay home from work in a certain number of days, until you turn 18.
You can watch movies that are permitted for all.
Anyone under 18 can fish without paying fishing tax.
4 years
Together with an adult you can watch a movie with age 6 years.
6 years
You have the right and obligation to go to school.
You have the right to have its own educational program if you need to.
7 years
You shall be heard on matters concerning your personal circumstances, such as where to stay and where to spend your holidays if your parents are divorced, or if you have contact with the child welfare system.
You can watch movies with age six years, alone or with other children.
8 years
Together with an adult you can watch a movie with age limit 11 years.
You are entitled to free homework help at least 1 hour a week from 1st - 4th grade.
9 years
Beginning in fifth grade can be elected to the student council and submit cases for works council at school.
You can watch movies with age 9 years, alone or with other children.
12 years
You shall be heard on matters concerning your personal circumstances. For example, where to stay and where to spend your holidays if your parents are divorced, or if you have contact with the child welfare system. Emphasis should be placed on what you mean.
You can not be adopted without wanting it themselves.
You can refuse to change surname even if your parent does.
To change the surname must your parents agree it and search for you.
You can watch movies with a rating of 12, alone or with other children.
Together with an adult you can watch a movie with age limit 15 years.
Your parents have the right to stay home from work when you are sick, in a certain number of days, even the year you turn 12.
13 years
You can take jobs like babysitting, delivering newspapers or strawberry picking. Efforts must be simple and it must not go beyond school or health. Your parents must agree that you are working.
You do not have to pay taxes if you earn less than personal allowance.
Most online services has a recommended lower limit of 13 years. But it is both important and advisable that your parents know what services you use on your network, so they can help you if you experience something unpleasant.
14 years
Guardian should listen to what you think before he or she takes the decision about your financial circumstances. (Eg. If the mother or father going to use your savings to something.)
You can take hunting test and be with an adult hunter hunting.
It is the adults who are responsible.
You can start taking båtførerbevsiet (you can not get it before age 16).
15 years
You are over the age of criminal responsibility and may be punished with imprisonment or money fine if you violate the law.
You can be put in custody, but your guardian should be notified and have certain rights.
You have the right to take regular paid work, but your parents may terminate the agreement if your "upbringing and welfare requires it."
You have the right to decide over the money you've earned yourself, but your parents can set limits.
You can choose education itself.
If CPS has decided upon you that you do not agree, you can appeal on its own. You have the right to see the paperwork as child welfare in your case.
You are entitled to a place in high school after you finish school.
You have the right to opt in and out of organizations and denominations.
You can go alone to the movies with 15 years of age.
You can practice driving in light motorcycle, moped or tractor on certain conditions.
16 years
You are over the age of consent.
You have the right to refuse the parents to know that you've been to the doctor.
You can practice driving. The companion must be aged 25 years and have been valid continuously for over 5 years. The car should have L-sign in the rear window and an extra mirror inside.
You can take mopedfører evidence and driving test for light motorcycles and tractors.
You can marry parental and governmental approval.
You may even decide to get an abortion. Before you are 16, you can also get an abortion, but then your parents usually give their opinion. If they say no, determines the county medical application.
You have the right to seek loans and means-tested scholarships for secondary education.
You can run the yacht up to 8 meters and with engine at maximum 25 hp without boat license.
You can take the glider certificate or start with skydiving if
your parents allow it.

You can drive a tractor that does not go faster than 30 km / h.
For this you need not license. You can not drive on public roads.

You can go game hunting alone, and big game hunting under the supervision of an adult.
17 years
You can practice driving with heavy motorcycle, truck, trucks and trailers for easy car to conditions.
18 years
You are of legal age and have all rights.
You have to vote in elections.
You decide in personal and financial matters.
You can take a driving license and heavy motorcycle (phased acquisition), as well as truck and trucks under special circumstances.
Adopted children have the right to know who their biological parents are, if it is known to the authorities.
You can go big game hunting alone and buy hunting rifles.
You can buy cigarettes, wine and beer but not liquor.
Anyone under 18 can fish without paying fishing tax
20 years
You can buy alcohol.
You can run heavy motorcycle if you have A2 tag at age 18 and completed a course of 7 hours.
24 years
You can take a driving license for heavy motorcycle if you have not run easily motorcycle earlier (A2), direct acquisition.

Hello I am a girl of 14 years and have had some arguments with my mom if I could go to town or not. I think it's a little unfair because all their friends my permission to go to the city except me! Living in Bergen and staying cr. 16-five minutes from downtown

Many consider that Norway is so rich country and we should be ashamed of ourselves because we do not think enough of the poor, and I agree with you although it is very difficult to imagine how it is wherever hard one tries, but a WHOLE other question is ...... Who thinks of animals? We think too much about other things, have never heard anyone say that they care about animals. We live because of animals. How goes it ann?

When I think of selfishness, I think of all the poor people who are living a hard life on the rest of the soil. We might not think all too well above what it actually is like to be poor, do we? Imagine living in a small ladsbygd with 6 siblings must take care of. Sleeping in the same room as all siblings and your parents. Your parents are seriously ill and you are aware that they are going to die within a short time and you must take responsibility for all the six siblings yours. Although you are a child. You have little food and you have very much wanted to go to school. It sounded perhaps not very impressive, but it's like that in many places on Earth. Too many places, I think. We in Norway do not know what it's like to be poor in this way, because poverty in Norway is very different compared to poverty in other countries such as Africa. We have schooling, health care and enough food. Actually, I believe that we in Norway are very fortunate. We have what we need and more than that. When the new City Hall in Tromsø was built, people awhile fight overjoyed that we had received a new Libraries, new cinema and new office. After a few months began people complain because they thought we needed a water park, so Tromso municipality had promised innbygerne. What I meant is that we people living in wealth and having enough food, water and access to vital thing is not aware of what it's like to not have access to these things. We are used to getting more and more, especially youngsters nowadays. Youngsters nowadays are accustomed to getting money with their parents if they ask. They do not know what it's like to have to work for money and how to spend their money riktig.Hvis youngsters here in Norway had been out of work, they had probably just saved for a new pair of jeans or makeup. I do not mean that all youngsters nowadays is so, but very many young people in Norway behaves as if it were the world and think they know everything. So it had probably not been in those countries poor. Then we had enough the young people who worked, saved to an education. Many people in Africa, working in tobacco factories and serve around 5 million a day. Not only that they serve fight badly, they destroy their health too. The people who work in tobacco factories inhale as much tar and hazardous materials indicating that they actually smoke up to 1 to 2 packets of cigarettes a day. However, if these young people who claim that they really think they know everything, why do they not know about the other people who live on the Earth and living life in poverty and destitution? Do they really not know if siuasjonen in other countries, or ignoring the just it? Often it is easier to ignore difficult things that do not concern themselves. It is that often the easiest, but absulutt not the right thing to do. What would we have done if everyone had ignored the poor people who do not have food, shelter, education and services for medicine? When the world had not been any good, I think. I am glad that there are organizations such eksepel Red Cross actually take hold of this issue. It might not be a problem for us who live in wealth and who have access to everything we need, but it is a problem for those who do not live a life like we do. It's not their fault that they have to live in poverty, there is wealth? I think those who could have had to choose whether they would lived in poverty or in wealth, would choose to lived in wealth. Many believe that if you are born poor, one is doomed to be poor. I believe this is wrong. Why should not all people have the same rights as we are born rich have? Finally, I would just say that I think the world has become quite foferdelig. We sit to see that other people suffer dammit! Why can not the people who have the capacity to do something about this problem do something instead of sitting watching? I myself am 16 years and has a Ghanaian grandfather (not biological) and has been in Ghana 8 times. The first time I went down there, I thought only that it certainly could be people who were poor, but when I got down there, I got shock! People lived on the streets. A little girl of 4 years lived under a cardboard box on the street without a parent or someone who looked after her. This is two years ago and now this girl's death. I get quite a pain inside me when I know that there are so many people in this world that just sitting looking at the other people suffer and die of hunger or because they do not have money or a proper health care. Damn how selfish we are, we should be ashamed of us.

You can go to jail when you are fifteen, but you can not go to the doctor without their parents knowing about it until you are sixteen -_-

I am twelve years and feel that I have allowed a lot, but it's something I think should be changed. Forexample, I want those who are sixteen years of age shall have a vote. That one can meldi itself into a political party from the age of ten years. And all over eight shall have the right and knowing who their biological parents are and whether they are dead or alive, etc.

Hey, I hoods Camilla I am from Haugesund but has now bid in Singapore for 5 years ... Eg is tired of this country but my parents do not seem to and care! I really want and go on Tip school in Stavanger (eg is 15, becomes 16 in about 2 weeks) ... I said from my mom att in 2012 then would I have to move home, whether alone or with family (preferably alone) she said as Regular "talk with your father" Hann said no ... the list their states under "15 years" "You can choose the education itself." so I wonder if there is any way I Konner have in a way used it against my parents ...: S I was told att eg shoes bu in singapore for 1-2 years ... now it Vore five years .. .. EG WILD HOME

it is an offense to not overdue lets kids lie over to his father?

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