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You have rights when you are expecting a child

The law protects pregnant women and others who are on parental leave. You have rights as a jobseeker and the job before, during and after the leave. The employer shall inter alia not let pregnancy or parental leave have a negative impact on employment.

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Discrimination Ombud (LDO) enforce legislation that protects pregnant women and parents in fødselsepermisjon . .

You who seek job
If you apply for a job and not getting it because you are pregnant or are on parental leave is probably an offense.
This also applies if the job you are applying for a temporary position or management position.
Employers are not allowed to ask you questions about family planning, pregnancy or leave the job interview.
She or he can not obtain such information about you or your partner in a different way in the hiring process.
Those who have jobs and who plan on leave
There can be discrimination if you do not get the necessary adaptations in the workplace when you are pregnant. LDO can then assess the case. The same applies if you are treated less favorably because you need special arrangements.

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Employers have claimed the Working Environment Act is obliged to arrange for all workers. If it is not possible to organize the work or relocate you, you may be entitled to pregnancy benefit.

More information about maternity benefits are on www.nav.no

You will get the necessary information when you are on leave
If you are pregnant or on parental leave have the right to the same information as other workers, even if you are away from the workplace. There can be discrimination if you do not get the necessary information while you are on leave.

Can not get the necessary information that is important for you to look after your interests while you are on parental leave, this may be discrimination.

Pregnant? Contact youth health!
You can wage demands even if you are on leave
If you are pregnant or parental leave, you have the right to wage demands and be considered in bargaining on an equal footing with colleagues who are not. Employers are obliged to inform you about deadlines and procedures to deliver wage demands when you are on leave.

You also have the right to be assessed in terms of the period you have been in active work. Employers can not exclude those who are on leave from individual supplements.

Read more about this on Equality Ombudsman sides.

You going back from leave
Your job has changed

There can be discrimination if you do not get the same duties and responsibilities as before parental leave. As a rule, you are entitled to return to the same position after maternity leave. That same work, same pay and the same job title as before parental leave.

Employers are still allowed to make certain changes. Examples of this may be changes for the sake of continuity in customer work or project. Employees should see a similar position as before parental leave. Working conditions must not be worse than before the leave.

Read more about this on Equality Ombudsman sides.

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