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Young and jobseekers?

Unsure of what you want to work with? Here are some practical advice and tips to increase the chances of finding a job you will enjoy working with.

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It is not always easy to know what one wants to work with. Therefore NAV collected information to you who are young and jobseekers. Find out what interests you using interest tests and vocational programs . Perhaps these tests can help you on the path to finding your dream job?

When applying for a job:
As a young jobseekers is not always easy to know what an employer is looking for. Therefore NAV made a list of what is important to consider when applying for a job:

Register as a job seeker.
Find the jobs you want to apply for.
Check with friends and acquaintances if they can help you.
Make a good resume .
Be confident in what you can
Write a good job application.
Do thorough preparation for the job interview.
Stay motivated and do not give up!
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You can get help from NAV if it is difficult to get a job on their own, or if you are unemployed and are struggling financially.

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