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I am 18 and have a boyfriend who is 15. She goes on leisure club I copper on. Is this allowed?

Second year as an apprentice and lover of 15 this law as she goes on a leisure I work on?

It is not illegal to have a boyfriend who is older or younger than themselves, but when one in a dating relationship is under 16 years old are still some considerations you must take. Having sex with someone who is under the age of consent (16 years) is a criminal offense, this can read more about in the article under the answer.

Volunteering for youth?

Hello I am a girl of 15 years that will start with volunteering. I have thought long on this, but do not know where I could enroll. I also wonder if there's something fivelligahetsarbeid for youth. I've checked out a bit and only found things for adults. I have imagined something within human rights and wonder if you can help me find what you wanted?

I want to be a pilot!

Hi, I have a parr questions about my education, I want to be a pilot and go school in the UK. - Which aviation schools in the UK agree Loan Fund? - What should I go to high school? MvH ~ Future Pilot :-P

Which professions are confident in the future?

Which professions are confident in the future? what we should focus on if you want one opportunities in the future?

I want to move home but can not afford. Sea can I do?

Hey, a boy of 19 who have started new VGS line, but can not handle staying home. When working on the side of school are not enough hours for any own apartment. Had gone if it had not been for that state robs the poor in the form of tax. But so it is, I'm considering to quit schooling to either take a job. They say education is more valuable than money, something I fail to see. I must get out of the house and into a private residence. Some tips for the next steps for the poor student that the government will just want to get away from a too large family? Must add that to tax anyone in my position (financially) is insane, feel it that the state will not help me, but rather destroy my education with such a policy. Regards extremely tired youth that will only up and forward in life.

Employees with disabilities

It is important both for workers and the community that people with a disability can contribute in the workplace if they have a health condition that makes it possible. jobbforalle.no give good search tips and information that can be useful when applying for jobs.

Public and quality assured
On jobbforalle.no find information about the search and hiring processes, recruitment and incentive schemes, to deal with disability, and much more.

In the search for a job is often a lot of challenges that emerge. To sell himself as the best candidate can be difficult, and it is therefore wise to be prepared. You can find many useful tips on jobbforalle.no .

Occupational Injuries

An employer MUST draw ein injury insurance for all their employees. If you injure yourself by EiT accident at work, this insurance applies.

Public and quality assured
These are statutory in Law on Workers' Compensation . The insurance will cover accident and diseases, and provide full compensation of the road you have shoulder in events or not.

This insurance shall cover:
caused by a work accident (occupational)
equated with occupational injury under the National Insurance Act
caused by damage fabric or work processes
Note: Load Skadar are not counted as occupational injuries.

Pay taxes or working illegally?

Any money we get in terms of social security and the welfare system is financed by taxpayers. It's okay to think about if you feel a lot of your wages disappear. Remember that it is both a criminal offense and selfish working illegally!

Public and quality assured
white work
White work is used for work that happens in legal forms of contracts, reporting of income and payment of taxes.

Want to start your own business?

With the right personal qualities, the good idea and the right advisors and resources can also succeed! Can you, will you, dare you to start your own business?

Public and quality assured
Taking a challenge?
The start up and run their own business is a challenge in many ways. You should have a good business idea, you need capital and you should have a good portion of stand-at-will! In addition, you will meet a tough market and you have to work a lot and hard to succeed. In return, you are your own master, and if you succeed it will probably give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

How to get help to start their own business?
On Altinn they have a special section that provides answers to frequently asked questions about the rules you need to know, and things you should consider before you start in earnest. Behind the service stands Brønnøysundregistrene, Tax Administration, NAV and Statistics Norway.

young Enterprise
Young Entrepreneurs want to promote creativity, teamwork ability and sense of responsibility and desire to start their own business. It is an organization including student businesses, youth companies and student companies can join. See their own page: ungdomsbedrift.no for more information.

Exemption card and tax

Do you have a job you have to request an exemption card or a tax, depending on how much you are going to serve. You're not going to earn over 55,000, - do you manage to book free card, and do not need to tax.

Public and quality assured
From the year you turn 13 you will have a tax deduction or exemption card if you earn your own money.

You Need to Know about wages and vacation pay

Never heard of tariff, holiday allowance or paycheck? Then you should read this.

Public and quality assured
Employment contract should show what to wear in wages
Shall be entered into a written employment contract in all working conditions. This contract should include information about working hours, what to wear in salary, notice period and other conditions. Employment contract is important for you to avoid misunderstandings between you and your employer later. This applies when you work long and when you just take a job for a short period, for example during the summer holidays.

Make Money?

Are you too young to have a steady job? Or it takes too much time? Here is an overview of various odd jobs to earn money.
By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

Put on your bucks!
Are you too young to have a job or do you simply not have the time or energy to it? Then you may want to take on odd jobs for friends and acquaintances when you have the opportunity. Yet it is not always easy to know where to look to find job opportunities. So we've created a list of activities it is possible to make money.

The job interview - so you get the job

Get tips to help you prepare for a job interview and get to know the questions that are most commonly ask for an interview.

Public and quality assured
There are many different ways to conduct an interview on. As a rule, this is an individual interview where you have a conversation with your employer and any other employees in the workplace. In a group interview sitting several people with employer.

In some cases, the interview go through several stages where you must first take a written test for example. Next, they are often called in for an initial interview, and finally a second interview.

When I am entitled to sick pay?

If you become ill while you're at work you are entitled to sick pay. Sickness will compensate for lost income. To be entitled to sickness benefit you must be unable to work because of a disability which clearly caused their illness or injury.

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If you become ill while you're at work you are entitled to sick pay. Sickness will compensate for lost income.

Discrimination in the workplace

Many people have experienced discrimination or discriminated against in the labor market - although there are several laws that prevent this. Let me know if you have experienced discrimination!

Public and quality assured
Unfortunately discrimination or discrimination in hiring, labor and other factors at work - although there are laws to prevent this. Therefore it is important to react if you experience discrimination!

Under 18 and looking for work?

It can be difficult to find a job if you are under 18 years, but it is not impossible. Here are our five job tips for you under 18, which hopefully makes job hunting easier.

Public and quality assured
1. Clearing the shelves and packing of goods
Food stores, clothing stores, coffee shops, cafes, kiosks, garden centers and similar places is there are job opportunities, also for you under 18 years. Several places needed the help of washing and drying tables, clearing the shelves and other similar tasks. Be open to opportunities in your community, and not be afraid to seek other jobs. Often you have to deliver many applications before you get lucky with an employer.

You have rights when you are expecting a child

The law protects pregnant women and others who are on parental leave. You have rights as a jobseeker and the job before, during and after the leave. The employer shall inter alia not let pregnancy or parental leave have a negative impact on employment.

Public and quality assured
Discrimination Ombud (LDO) enforce legislation that protects pregnant women and parents in fødselsepermisjon . .

Rights when you work

Holiday pay, employment contracts and salaries are just some of the rights you have when you're working. Here is an overview of what you are entitled to as an employee.

Public and quality assured
In some areas there are stricter regulations for youth - it is not, for example all types of work you are allowed to put youngsters. These rules are designed to give young extra protection from work that may be harmful. LO summer team has collected some rights that apply to those who work.

Will become a model - how do I proceed?

Many, especially young girls, have a dream of becoming a model. Here are some tips along the way.

Public and quality assured
How can I get mom and dad to let me be allowed to become a model, or try to get it? I am a girl of 14, soon 15 years who wants to become a model. But Mom and Dad say no, they say that I am not allowed to it before I am 18 years old. But I will try me like that now. But if to try his hand as a model and perhaps become a model makes me happy, then I suppose I'd be allowed? They also say that they do not like the environment and that schooling is important, but I'm good at school and learns grades. What should I do?

Support for transport

If you have special needs, you may have your expenses for transportation and parking permits.

Public and quality assured
Labour and education site
Labour and education travels through NAV is an arrangement that allows you to get transportation to and from work or school for about the same price as a bus ticket. The scheme applies:

Salaries of the firm goes bankrupt

Although the store or the company you work for goes bankrupt, you still entitled to pay and outstanding holiday pay. It provides wage guarantee for.

How to write job application?

How formulates an application? What is important to have? Ung.no provides tips to job application!

Public and quality assured

Have you taken this?
Where did you know about the position? Write where you found the job advertisement or how you learned about the vacant job.

How to quit the job?

Should you cancel verbally or in writing? And you should tell the employer why you resign? Here you can read more about the rules for dismissal.

Public and quality assured
Be positive and professional
You have no obligation to give the reason for you to stop, but it's still most professionally to tell your boss that you want to quit, and give the reason for it. You should preferably do this before handing the resignation so that the resignation does not come as an unpleasant surprise. Be as honest as possible in the conversation, but feel free to try to emphasize the positive aspects of your time in the job.

Take tests: Which jobs fits well for you?

Have you decided what you're going to be?
Why do you think exactly what profession suits you?
Share it with us in the comments below!

CV for you without job experience

What do you write really on your resume if you've never had any regular job before?

Even if you have not had any job before, there are many other things you can bring up on CV'n:

First and foremost, you must have the personal details (name, date of birth, address, etc.) and contact information (phone number and email address) so that the employer knows how he / she can get hold of you.


Want to come to Norway to work, you need a residence permit. Which residence permit to apply for depends on the skills you have and what job to do. Read more about work here.

Public and quality assured
Are you from a country outside the EU / EEA and wish to work in Norway, you must have a residence permit. If you do not already have a residence permit, you must apply for a residence permit for work. Previously, this was called a work permit. This may for example be a residence permit for skilled workers, ethnic cooks, seasonal workers, self-employed or employees of a humanitarian, non-profit or religious organization.

Unemployed - what now?

It is important that you as quickly as possible orient yourself in the job and applying for vacancies. Start your job search right away.

Public and quality assured
Start your job search right away
In Norway there are many vacancies in various sectors. Are you flexible when it comes to job desire and work, increase the chances of getting fast job. Go to job search on nav.no to see which positions are advertised. See also search tips to position base .

Facts about the Working Environment Act

Did you know that there is a separate law that only exists to protect and help you as an employee? Read more about Working Act.

Public and quality assured
About Working Environment Act
Work Act to ensure that conditions in the workplace are satisfactory. The safety representative is the employees' mouthpiece in the workplace, while Labour Inspectorate is a public body shall ensure that companies operate businesses viable.

Young and jobseekers?

Unsure of what you want to work with? Here are some practical advice and tips to increase the chances of finding a job you will enjoy working with.

Public and quality assured
It is not always easy to know what one wants to work with. Therefore NAV collected information to you who are young and jobseekers. Find out what interests you using interest tests and vocational programs . Perhaps these tests can help you on the path to finding your dream job?

How to find your first job

"I want a job but is a little shy and do not dare just go to ask about a job." Many who have never had a job before asking us about how to go about finding a job. Here are some great tips!

Public and quality assured

Employment contract and certificate

Got yourself a job? When you are entitled to a written employment contract. And when you leave their jobs may require a letter of reference. Here is information on your rights as an employee.

Public and quality assured
The employment contract protects both you and your employer against misunderstandings about their rights and obligations. In the contract you and the employer also agreed how much to work and what kind of job you have. It is important that it stated in the contract who is your employer.

Three questions you must overcome job interview

Most interviews are pleasant. Goes a long way to be yourself, breathe out and respond well. But it can also appear difficult questions. Here are some great tips on how you can prepare yourself.

Public and quality assured
Imagine the following situation: You sit on a job interview and how to respond, but suddenly you feel that your mouth gets dry and you get sweaty palms. The interviewer looks down at the table and writes on a paper. Suddenly she looks at you - and ask you a difficult question that is supposed to tilt of the stick.

To create a good resume

Writing a good resume can be critical to ensure you the job you want. But how do you create an overview and good resume? Here's our advice.

Public and quality assured
What is a resume?
CV stands for curriculum vitae. A resume should be a brief and punctually litany of what you've done in your life of work, courses, schools and other relevant things. The employer should easily get an overview of your experience and what you would do when he reads your CV.

Searching job for the first time?

Need a part time job while in school? Or searching for a summer job? Why not catch up on our tips to those seeking jobs for the first time.

Start job hunt early!
It is not easy to know how to proceed in order to find their first job. Regardless, it is important that you begin the hunt early. The most popular summer jobs and part-time jobs disappear first. Ask everyone you know if they know of any place where they need people who can work. May know the neighbor about something or someone in your family. Friends of you may have seen that a certain company looking for part-time employees. Use contact your network!

Age limits - job

Did you know that it is illegal to work if you are under 13 years old? And that youth work should not affect schoolwork? Read more about age limits in employment here.

Public and quality assured
Mostly apply core labor standards for all, no matter how old you are. But in some areas there are special rules to protect those who are under 18 years.

How to find jobs

Jobseeker Tips for young
Looking for a job, the first thing you should do to register as a job seeker with NAV . When employers can gain access to your resume, you can get notifications when it posted jobs matching your search.

How to write job application?

Have you taken this?
Where did you know about the position? Write where you found the job advertisement or how you learned about the vacant job.

What is your motivation for applying? Why do you want this particular job? Employers want motivated employees who are genuinely interested in the job. It is therefore important that you get off what you can contribute and how. Describe your motivation on a thoughtful and sincere manner so that just your job application stand out among the applications.

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Is it legal with katana (samurai sword) in Norway and is the age limit?

Hi, I fancy a katana but do not know if it is allowed here in Norway? Is it legal here in Norway or any age limit on it? Greeting a boy of 14 years

Age limits - boat

Why is the speed limit on boats? you cycle the faster ..

The rules are somewhat fucking shit !!!! Nobody I know ever follow these stupid laws! I'm running even in 28 knots and is only 13 !!! It is nonsense some Østlendingen have found on that has never been at sea have made to destroy the lives of children. You do not put someone else or yourself in danger by driving even 30 knots as 10 years. Greeting irritated skipper.

I saw on a boat with top speed 20 knots and had saved long. Now heart mit crushed

What is quite "stupid" is that it is made a general rule for all of those 10 years until they are 16. One thing is that a 10-year-old can not drive faster than 10 knots, but to believe that a 13 14, 15 or 16 year old think it's "fun" to prowl around 10 knots, is to believe in Santa Claus. Do it rather obligatory to take courses in marine traffic (and 'yes' sailing license should also been endrett scroll drop "test concept" and define the content based on age, what is of real interest and define what is the absolute minimum to know etc)

Hello, I am a boy of 15 years and runs a hurrycane 370 runs about 40 knots after adjustments. I've taken and passed the Boating evidence, what is the fine mine if police only takes me an engine? I'm not obliged to have a skipper certificate as long as I have filled 16. The system is part irritated because one can take evidence long before filling and still have to wait. but again how great the bot antadligvis be?

What determines age limits on games?

Sur that you do not get to play video games with the recommended 16- or 18-year age limit? Why not catch this.

Public and quality assured
Have you ever wondered why video games have age limits? And quarrels often with your parents to be allowed to play games with 16- or 18-year age limit? You're most likely not alone in this, but have you thought that your parents actually trying to protect you? And it actually is a reason why the computer game has got such a high age limit?

Traveling alone when you are 13, 15, 16 or 17 years?

I and my girlfriend who have been together for almost two years, we really want to, traveling to southern alone and be alone together and experience the world before we are dead ... and parents ours says it's okay and we have Checked a bit on the net on trips and we have not decided yet but wonder which company that allows young people under 18 be allowed to go alone? the answer will be received with a big thank you! : D

I was born in 1998 and is 16 years, I and two friends have long talked about a trip to Greece or London, and they were both born in 1996 and is 18 years old. I can travel with the then?

For those who want to take out loans

Are you tempted to take out loans? Then you should be aware of this.

Public and quality assured
Often they offer to pay cash or conclude an agreement on credit purchases in the store. Be aware that it is usually expensive to trade on credit. Suddenly, a purchase of a few thousand cost you more than double because of high interest rates on such short-term loans. Are you under 18, you are anyway too young to take on debt.

Post: "Let us in, then!"

Beer service is no reason to shut us under 18 out of concerts.

The post is taken from Aftenposten Si; D

I've been looking forward especially to this year. This year I fill namely 18 years, which means I get to vote and can buy beer at the store. That is not to underestimate the. Nevertheless, what I look most forward to is that I finally are considered adult enough to take part in Norwegian culture. For you are not 18, you're not old enough to go to a concert.

The children Act

I found children have insufficient rights. I am 19 years himself and remembers how hard it was being a child, especially before I turned 16 years old. People do not listen to you, and I dream to become a better adult than some of the adults in my life has been. Listen to your children, and if they will not give anyone a hug as they drop, you Maar teach your kids early on that they have the right to say no and refuse physical contact if they are not comfortable with it. Teach them that their body belongs to them and nobody else. If not then I hope your children will be taken away from you.

Remember this when using fireworks

There are 18-year age limit for both the purchase and use of fireworks.

A total ban on missiles with joystick
There is a total ban on missiles with the control stick. Fireworks that could be confused with toys is also prohibited. There will still be allowed to buy and use ground fireworks.

During 15 years and done something stupid?

The age of criminal responsibility in Norway is 15 years (Penal Code § 20 first paragraph a). Persons under 15 who commit crimes, can not be arrested or punished.

Public and quality assured
The justice sector has a responsibility to the young people who break the law, even if you are under 15 years. To children under 15 years who have committed criminal offenses, it could be educational measures. Such measures are often used also facing adolescents aged 15-18 years. Many young people who break the law are in a difficult situation and must get the right help to make it better.

Bankcard for those between 13 and 18 years

This you must know if you want credit card before you turn 18.

Most banks offer credit cards for teenagers between 13 and 18 years. Nevertheless, banks have different rules relating to the use, so be sure to check around before deciding which bank and which card that suits you and your use.

Age limits - Film

When Media Authority sets age limits for movies, so they do this out of harmful proportionality criteria determined in the law on film and video .

In addition, they provide advice on what age group the film may be suitable for. This means that a film is allowed for all, not always need to watch out for children. In Media Authority movie database you will find detailed information on all films that are set up in theaters in Norway. Want to know more about the movies, you can for example visit Filmweb .

Age limits - extreme

Want to go skydiving? Fly your own airplane? Paraglide? Hang Glide? Diving? Mountain Climbing? White Water Rafting? Paddle? Here you get an overview of the age limits.

Get an overview of age
Are you tired of the usual sports? Need an adrenaline rush? Here is the list of some extreme sports and some information of things you might be wondering.

What is the age limit on ClassyWalk and AirWheel?

They have become popular, but you are old enough to drive one? Read about classy walk, air wheel, skywalker and similar means of transportation.

Public and quality assured
Today there are many who are running around on the sidewalk with your hands in the pockets of one or two wheels. We get lots of questions about what the age limit is to dear ClassyWalk, AirWheel and similar front cost funds. Maybe you bought your legally abroad, but you can use it in Norway?

What You Should Know about Tobacco Act

Did you know that the age limit for tobacco in Norway is 18 years, and that it is not allowed to advertise tobacco in Norway? Here's everything you need to know about the Tobacco Act.

Public and quality assured
Age limit 18 years
In Norway it is forbidden to sell or transfer tobacco products to persons under 18 years. If there is doubt about your age, the sale may take place only if the buyer can document be 18 years.

Age restrictions - alcohol

Drinking is not for losers. It is allowed to live life a little you know. It's fun to drink together with friends to socialize, but it is possible to drink in moderation. One must not drink themselves drunk either. Unlikely to drink and have fun with friends wit you;)

Age limits - job

Me and another guy (18 years) driver THINK .. We have held on for a month now and has made sales of 1.75 million NZ ca. We have then earned about 200,000 US $ each but we have the money standing on a paypal account now. We want to take this out but we do not know no about how much we can earn without paying tax or something for an exemption card etc .... Someone who wants to help ...?

Just wanted to stop by to remind you of something: YOU are beautiful, YOU are important and YOU can do whatever you want. Do not let anyone hold you down, YOU are the world and YOU are important. Bye great, wish you a good life :)

I work at Kiwi, and 14. I work three hours a week and receive 106 kroner per hour. I got the job pretty easy, but looking a lot like a job, but you are 13 and want a job, just go to ask different places! : D Can really recommend Kiwi, great work: D

Fills you 18 years in election year? Then you have the right to vote

Norwegian citizens who turn 18 by the end of the election year, which is or has been Population Registry as being resident in Norway and who have not been disenfranchised by the Constitution § 53.

Check if you live in a municipality with which tests out choices for 16-year olds.

Public and quality assured
parliamentary elections
Norwegian nationals

When are you old enough?

You have your own rights from you are born, such as the right to have a name and nationality. Here is a list with an overview of the age limits for when to do what, from 0 to 21 years.

Public and quality assured
You have your own rights from you are born, such as the right to have a name and nationality.

0 to 18 years
You are entitled to care and concern from parents or

My mom yelling at me all the time, and stepfather to take me in ways I do not like

I live with my mom and my stepfather. My biological father died when I was eight. My mom yelling at me all the time and makes me feel like everything I do is wrong. My stepfather is decent, but sometimes he takes me in ways I do not like. It has never really been something special relationship between me and my mom. She smokes several times a day. She also hurt in the back / foot that allows me to do most of the housework. Among other things, wash clothes, clean, cook dinner, watch my brother and do homework and stuff. Outside of that I just sit in the room. I have anxiety and depression, but I will not say anything to them about it, because we do not talk much together. I will not try to talk to my family about this. I just want to move out. Is it possible that I was adopted or could stay in one foster home? What exactly is the difference between foster care and adoption? Shall I bring everything I have? Should I join the family their parties? Can you / you write about foster care and adoption

What is the age limit for adoption, and you can adopt from America?

What is the age limit for adoption, and you can adopt from America?

Figure out how high one can be when one is adopted

How can you find out how high you might going to be when you're adopted?

Connect with my biological besteforleldre.

Hey, I wonder if I can connect with my biological grandparents. My father who was adopted died unfortunately when I was only 3 months old so therefore can not ask him. My mother says she does not know it. And since I first got to know this for two years since the accident, there is no advantage in asking my current grandparents. Is it possible that I like grandchildren can know who my bilogiske grandparents and how?

I want to be adopted.

I want to be adopted! I have not smoothly! Mum and dad yelling at me every day, to I have no one to tell! Or I do not dare! Oh I get treated differently than my two other siblings! I does not resemble any of my parents either! What should I do?!

Do not want contact with my mom. Can my teacher adopt me?

I never met my father and he died when I was 8 years. I lived with my mom and grandmother since I was little. I've never had any relationship with mom and have always gone to the grandmother of all problems. Now it's two years since grandmother died, to I can not bear to live with my mom anymore. I do not feel she is fond of me, I'm not in love with her at all. I'm happier for many teachers than Mom. Contact My teacher now trying everything she could to help me, when I was struggling very selective mutism and anxiety. I'm very hard but have no one to talk to. Ever since grandmother died, I've been in my room all the time when mom is home to we do not talk. The teacher is fighting please I feel she loves me. I notice that she is much kinder to me than the others she cares about me. I never had the feeling that an adult is so fond of me. She is 36 years old and has man but not children. If she wanted to adopt me, and it was okay for Mom, is it possible then?

Can my stepfather adopt me?

Hello I am 18 years and have had stepfather who dad since I was six years. I've searched around a bit to find out about adoption over 18 years. The reason for this is that I want it on the paper that he is my father. I have better contact with him than my mother and would very happily adopted, but they must be married for this to go? They were divorced a few years ago, but he is still my father.

Want my stepfather to adopt me.

Hi! Is a girl of 17 years and wondered if my stepfather could adopt me? The idea is that I want to provide the adoption papers to him when he reaches this year and next. Then I am after all 18, we think it should all be fine then. But the thing is that I do not have Norwegian citizenship. Is it still possible to ask about the paperwork? Who do I possibly talk to if I want to get this done? The police? He has looked after me since I was 1 year with my mother. In addition I have not contact me my biological father / he ran away before I was born. But is it that he must agree somewhat, neither my mother nor my homeland have had contact with him and we do not know if he at all is alive ... Want to really give this as a birthday gift for him said and hope for an answer! Regards girl 17.

2 steps: I would like to be adopted

I've lived in the same foster home since I was 4. I'm looking at those my parents. Have not met my mother for over 5 years now. Foster My parents are the now no longer foster parents, but is still my parents, just not on paper. I want to be adopted, but is afraid of two things. 1. They have written Testament for me and foster my sister (she is not their biological children), where it says that we should inherit equally from the after both dead. If I adopted, I get when "everything" legally? Is there any way to then write her into Testament their left? She's my sister and I would not want her to go and be afraid that she will not get anything after they are gone, if I was adopted. 2. I'm terrified that my mother gets on the case. It's okay if she gets angry, etc., although she did not have reason for it, since she did not try to have contact even. But I will not end up in a lawsuit against her. Komer it happen?

However, I can even choose adoption or something?

Do not want to stay with a mother and have no contact with the father, do not know his name even. However, I can even choose adoption or something? Do not care about barneværnet or anything, as long as I get me away from Mama, I'm happy :)

I can not live with my parents anymore. Some tips on what I can do?

hi i am a boy of 17 years. I can not live with my parents anymore. any tips on what I can do? I have to be moved to a foster home or if I can have a chance to move on dorm or roommate or renting an apartment. I simply can not stay here anymore, my parents go constantly through my private affairs and snooping around trying to take me in all the wrong I do.

It feels like I'm adopted

It feels like I'm adopted! I have no common thing with sisters / my parents. I does not resemble any of them. Oh they treat me differently, to check I quarrel with my sisters is me who get up, when there are big and my little sister. Hope I get answers is very desperate!

How can I help my boyfriend who struggle with depression, anxiety and self-esteem?

Good day! I am writing on behalf of my 16 year old girlfriend (born 2000). She has worn long with depression, and it all started when she found out that she was adopted because her parents died in a car accident when she was three years old. This has gone very into her and led to depression. She cut herself before we met and I got an end to this. The family she lives with now is not the best. Foster mother her jaws and damage her every day. Often she must be out of the house or at a friend because she is being evicted. As previously known CPS have I said that they should be contacted since she did not have it so good, but this is something she'd rather not. She dry nor to consult with someone about their problems, even if it is anonymous. She struggles with anxiety and self-esteem as well as depression. We have met over the net and not faced each other since we both anxiety and thus not dry. What can I do without that she needs a psychologist? I will help her. Thanks

My father is mentally unstable and alkholisert. I do not and have him listed as my father

Hello. My father is mentally unstable and alkholisert. He has struggled for many years and made my life and others' terrible. He is married to my mother. I do not and have him listed as my father. Are there any laws and rights so I can waive his parental responsibility from me. I do not want such a father in my life. Need something he can sign so that this exclusion is visual for him. I'm 20 and do not live at home


You have the right to say what you want. You have the right to express what you are concerned, it is on your mind, what you think and feel and think. It's in all children and young people's constitution.

Domestic Adoption

There are various forms of adoption of a child residing in Norway; stepchild adoption, foster adoption and adoption of children born in Norway (consent adoption).

Public and quality assured
adoption of stepchildren
Those seeking the adoption of a stepchild, must be married or be a registered partner of the child's parent. As a rule required that the child is nurtured by the person wishing to adopt the child / adolescent prolonged. One can also be adopted even if one is over 18 years, but if you are under 18 years, one can not be adopted without the consent of the person or persons who have parental responsibility. Read more about adoption of stepchildren on bufetat.no

Overseas Adoption

In order to adopt a child from abroad, you must be approved as adoptive increases by Norwegian authorities. Such approval is called consent. It is an important principle that no one should profit from selling children.

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In order to adopt a child from abroad, you must have a valid consent to adoption by the Norwegian authorities ( Bufetat ).

Are you adopted and want information about their biological parents?

Curious about your story? All adoptees aged 18 have the right to gain knowledge about their biological background. Information on adoption and biological origin are strictly confidential. That is why only those who are adopted are entitled to this information.

Public and quality assured
All adoptions that have been implemented since 1917 and until today are registered in the Central Adoption Registry.

You do not need to give any explanation as to why you are requesting information about your background.

The processing time in Bufdir is about four weeks.

To request access to adoption case your
To receive information about the biological background, you must contact in writing (not by e-mail) to Bufdir .

Enquiries from both Norwegian and adopted must include:

Your name, date of birth and residential address
your signature
Adoptive Parents name
Certified copy of photo identification, such as passport, driving license or bank card. The copy must be certified by a public official or lawyer. Copy confirmed by mail, bank and copying offices are not adequate.
Also read: Domestic Adoption
If you are overseas adopted the letter must also contain:

What country you are adopted from
What year you came to Norway
What adoption organization that mediated adoption
Norwegian Adopted: What happens next?
If you are Norwegian adopted, we will first examine the County Governors which has granted the adoption yours. County governors adopted information about the original parents where adoption license has been issued prior to December 1 1999.Du can also write directly to the county if you know the County Governors has given the license. It will be the county where the adoptive parents lived when you were adopted.

Bufdir is responsible for providing access to national adoption cases where adoption is granted after 1 December 1999, and in all matters concerning international adoption.

Your request is then sent to the county for further processing together with the information contained in Bufdir adoption registry. We will inform you when this happens.

Read also: Foreign Adoption
County Governor prepares and facilitates the matter in a gentle way, partly because the biological parents be informed that you have requested access adoption case, so they can give their views on whether they want contact.

That biological parents do not want the information to be given to you, does not provide a basis to deny you these. If it proves impossible to trace the biological parents, they need information they possess readily given out.

Foreign Adopted: what happens next?
As foreign adopters have the same rights as Norwegian adopted to obtain information about your original parents. The relevant documents that Bufdir has in its archive, the request sent directly to you.

The practical ability to obtain information may be materially different. A prerequisite for transparency is that the country you are adopted from provided the information to Norway.

If the Norwegian authorities have not received information about your biological parents, you can not demand to have such information. You must then possibly turn to the country you are adopted from and attempt to obtain information there.

Also read: Is adopted and feel Norwegian
If the country of origin has given Norwegian authorities information coming Norwegian law apply fully, regardless of the restrictions in the country you are adopted from.

Information other than the adopted
It happens that other than the adopted even requesting information in a adopsjonssak, either to get in touch with the adopted or because they want to know whether an adoption has taken place or not. This may be the descendants of the adoptees who want to know more about their original family, for example in connection with genealogy or other reasons.

In such cases, we inform you that it is only the adopted itself as entitled to information from the adoption case.

Inquiries from the adopted person's original family who want contact with the adopted child, we put on the adoption issue, so that it adopted in any subsequent innsynssak can get information about the original relatives want contact.

We will not notify the adopted when such requests from other laid on the matter, unless the adopted have requested. If adoption agencies receive inquiries from original parents or other relatives abroad, submitted these to us where they are placed on the adopted person's case.

Information on adoption by inheritance / estate change
We provide information about adoption to the court, the trustee or heirs by estate change. You must make a written request (not email) to Bufdir .

Trustee and heirs must include a certified copy of probate. The processing time in Bufdir is about four weeks, or shorter if the matter is urgent.


Is adopted, and feel Norwegian

Live life with the Norwegian parents and enjoy it. You have your whole life ahead of you and you will surely find the real parents someday. I'm a foreigner even to have always felt anne chaired though I have all the Norwegians have. I speak Norwegian better than many Norwegians, I have a Norwegian passport, my own culture and a family that loves me. People think that to Be Darker skin or having a headdress on the head cover who you are. To me it shows who I am and that I am the way I am no matter what people think about me. Greeting a proud person ♥♥

What is adoption?

I am a girl of almost 15 years was adopted from Colombia when I was 2 years. I never thought that I adopted except now. I have never been bullied for it and think it's okay to answer questions about it. But lately I've been thinking very very much on my biological parents. I really would not worry so much about it, because I'm afraid the parents I have now to be disappointed or upset ... I have asked my friends "Would you have AdOpera a child?" But the answer "No, I ttror I could have loved an adopted child as much as my own." It hurts, because then I do not know if I'm just as much loved here I am now, as I would be with my biological mother. I never met my biological parents and I do not know why I was AdOpera away. Something I really want to know. Colombia is the a poor country, so maybe she did it for my own good. Or am I just go delete an unwanted child ... I have very low self-esteem and the thought that I was unwanted and not as much loved as I skullle been making it worse. I've been called an orphan, but I know myself that I'm not. Actually I think it's stupid of parents to have a child they can not fit in. It goes beyond the child. (Ed: you can enter to ung.no/oss and get answers)

Hi, I dumped happened across this forum. see that many of the posts are a few years old, but I decide to write a few words Forde. For me, adoption great! I can not understand how adoption can be seen as something sad. I myself am adopted from Korea. this I have always been conscious of. I certainly do not remember that I have not known that I have adopted, or that I have not known what it means to be adopted. This I think has played a decisive role in my view of myself, my self. I am proud of where I come from, although this does not define me as a person. I am a Norwegian girl with Korean origin. My biological parents I know nothing about. But I'm sure I was adoption of a reason. I can understand that some people have a greater need to understand or to learn more about its origins. but for me this is a simple matter. I could well come to know more about my biological parents, but I'm one of those who believe that man is shaped by environment. My environment has made me who I am. Adoption is something that can provide child care, love and reassurance - a future.

 am adopted from Asia and I have it good here in Norway. I hardly ever think that I'm adopted, only once in a while if someone asks. Friends and others around me have asked me a few things about being adopted. I think it's okay to answer your questions as long as they do not ask for much. Also, I think that it's a bit odd that some people reviewing my biological mother and father that my "real" parents ... Several people have asked me if I wonder how my biological family is, and if I want to find them and take contact. Often they think it's weird when I reply that I have no desire to do. But the thing is that I do not feel that I need to look for my biological family because I've got a family already. "Yes, but you will not know why they gave you away, then?" There are some who ask then. No, I see no point in it. Probably it's because they were / are poor and / or too young to be able to take care of me. I'm not mad at them because they adopted me away, they would probably just the best for me. Whatever is not important for me. I'm not saying that all adopted feel the way I do, but I just wanted to tell you that I do it. I feel awesome, I have a great family, a mother, father, siblings, grandparents, etc. which I love more than anything. Greeting me;)

5 on the street: What is the boys' best check tricks?

The guys give us the best tricks on how to easily avoid rejection of check experiment. Learn how to give a good first impression!

By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

can not play guitar singing or playing in bands :( but I can be myself :) CHECKING TRICKS IN ITSELF :)

5 on the streets: April Fools

Have you ever been cheated on April 1st? Ung.no has asked 5 on the street about what their best and worst April Fool experiences. Read - and share your best April Fools here!

Jacob, youth journalist Blogger

5 on the streets in Kenya: What makes you happy?

Ung.no has asked Kenyan youth about what affects their mood. Their responses differ enough part of the Norwegian youth would reply.

Public and quality assured
1. What makes you happy?

2. What gives you energy?

3. What makes you angry?

1: Music!
2: To meet new, nice people!
3: Seeing that other people have it good!

5 on the streets: Conflict Resolution

ung.no has asked 5 different young people about what they think a conflict is, and how they think it should be handled. How do YOU ​​think a conflict be resolved?

By Hege, youth journalist "Blogger"

5 on the streets: Extra Fancy

Ung.no has asked youth about extra work. Have you had extra work? How was it? Write in the comments under the article!

By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

ingvild, !8 år Ingvild 18
Ingvild 18

Ingvild, 18: Working in the clothing store is pretty good, but the best would realy like to be more out there since it's summer. Having worked with some event or something similar had been good.

5 on the street: School and Future

Ung.no visited a school in Oslo and asked five youths on which line they have chosen in high school, and why. Some have everything planned, while others have no idea what they want.

Jacob, youth journalist "What? When? ... "

The questions:

1. Which line did you apply for upper secondary school? Why?

2. Have a plan for the future?

5 on the streets: Got yourself a summer job?

Have you had a summer job this year? I asked Ann Helen, Susann and three others in Oslo on how they intend to earn money during the summer.

Jacob, youth journalist ung.no

The questions:

1. Have you got a summer job?

2. What should you so, do / what would you working as?

3. What should / would you use the money.

5 on the streets: Facebook

a public place where one can ban mom; D

Been checked up on Facebook? Would you added to your mom? Ung.no has asked five young people about what they think. One gets even checked up so much that she find it annoying. What do you think? Have you ever checked - or been checked up - on Facebook?

By jacob, youth journalist ung.no

The questions:

1. What does it mean to have a lot of friends on Face?

2. What will it take for you to delete a friend?

3. Have you ever checked up / been checked up on Face?

4. Would you become friends with your mother on Face? Why / why not?

5 on the streets: Sleep

when unable to sleep is the best tip my thinking about anything but that one can not sleep:) example, one can try to imagine a dream and just fantasize themselves into sleep

Are you one of those who sit up late into the night, or you're good to leave you when you notice that you are tired? "5 on the street" has been out and interviewed youths about sleep.

Jacob, youth journalist ung.no

We asked:

1. Do you feel that you sleep enough?

2. Why are you sitting up there?

3. Can you get up in the morning?

4. Do you have tips for other young people can get to sleep more?

5 on the streets: Friendship

What? When? How? has asked five young people about what characterizes a good friend, what advice they have for how to get to know new people, and how they solve friend quarrels.

Jacob, youth journalist ung.no

What Makes a Good Friend?
What tips do you have for how to get to know new people / make new friends?
Why is friendship important to you?
Have you ever argued with a friend? What can you do in that situation?
Elise Elise

5 on the streets: Feeling fashion press?

Do you feel compelled to dress in a particular way, because someone else - directly or indirectly - tells you that that's how you should look like? Ung.no have been out on the streets and interviewed five youngsters about fashion press.

Ung.no asked five young people five questions each about fashion press:

1. Feeling fashion press?
2. Do you think many young people today feel fashion press?
3. What affects your clothing style?
4. How often do you buy clothes?
5. Do you buy expensive or cheap?

5 on the streets: Why we lie?

Ung.no has asked the youth: why we lie?

By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

Public and quality assured
Hanne, 17
Hanne Hanne

5 on the streets: Back to school

The school year is underway after the summer holidays, and many have just started a new school. Ung.no interviewed 5 adolescents on the topic of school.

Amalie, youth journalist, ung.no

Public and quality assured
These questions were asked:

1. What grade / line are you in?
2. What do you look forward to with school?
3. What are your plans for the future, thus further education.

5 on the streets: Social online?

Most social online today. Is it good? Or does it mean that we are less social "face to face"?

Amalie, youth journalist, ung.no

These questions were asked:
1. Which social media do you use?

2. How much time do you spend daily on-line?

3. Have you experienced bullying?

4. What do you think are the main differences being social online and social "in real life"?

5. Do you have two positive sides and two negative aspects of social media?

5 on the streets: Your biggest blunder

Many have experienced a fool of themselves, and some are faster than others embarrassed. But gotchas are many great stories of us it does not apply. What is it embarrassed seat you've experienced? Oskar of 17 years is not in doubt: "The time I missed a penalty in Norway Cup in front of a good number of spectators!"

5 on the street: Sharing boys and girls in physical education?

Gym teacher ours is a pedophile, so we girls get 6's when we have big neck cut this and short skirts. I see this as sick discriminatory.

Should one distinguish boys and girls in PE classes? Ung.no asked young people themselves what they mean. See what they answered and share YOUR opinion!

Christina, youth journalist ung.no

Four youths were asked what they mean:
Henrik, 16 år Henrik, 16 years
Henrik, 16 years


5 on the street Part Time Jobs

Ung.no get many questions from young people who want a job next school but struggling to find suitable jobs they can get. We asked why some young people about how they acquired their job.

Torbjørn, youth journalist, ung.no

These questions we posed:

Do you work or did you work before?
What kind of job do you have?
How did you work?
How old were you when you got the job?
How do you think it's working?
Skage, 17, Blindern

5 on the street: What makes you happy and what makes you irritated?

What makes you happy? And what does it take to make you really annoyed? Maybe you know your way around some of the answers to these ninth graders?

By: Hanna, youth journalist for ung.no.

We asked ninth graders the following question:

1: What makes you happy?
2: What makes you irritated?

5 on the streets Friendship Drama

It's great to have good friends, but sometimes it may cause disagreements and bickering. We interviewed five young people to find out if there is a lot friend drama in their friends, what it is about and how they resolve disagreements and conflicts.

5 on the streets: Feeling the body pressure?

Body Pressure is something many feel on, largely because of manipulated images on social media. Maybe you know your way around some of the answers to these young people?

These questions were asked:
1: Feeling the body pressure?
2: Why?
3: What helps the most pressure?

Jealousy and suspicion - love back?

Jealousy can be like a little devil gnawing and fills you with painful feelings. It may be because you have been abandoned or that you are afraid that you may be.

By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

But jealousy can emerge even though common sense tells you that there is no reason for it too. All people experience the feeling one or more times. And part knows about it often.


Exposed to violence?

When I was 5-8 years I was subjected to violence by her boyfriend to mom. it seems very long ago for those who read (I am 15 years old now) but I remember everything very clearly and I do not share the story because I want someone to sympathize. I share neither history only to "put on my" things I do not remember anything and want people to feel sorry for me, but because I think more people have gone through something similar and might recognize themselves. But we are not alone, we have each other! 

then, when I was 5-8 years I was subjected to violence by her boyfriend to mom. since I was the family's youngest, it was ME struck, MEG he threatened. The others in the family (mom and two sisters) had no idea what was going on, even if I was exposed to psysisk and physical violence every day. I was beaten up by the most bizarre reasons: I bet your nails at the age of five years, I did not know in advance how many seconds I got to pee, I was not good enough. I was never good enough and this I was told every single day. he beat and beat until I had to ask for life, he came at night just to finish what he did during the day. He almost killed me so many times, but I survived because I am a fighter. It was not the first nor the last time that proved that I have it, it happened a lot of things before and after this time. 

Abuse and violence in dating relationship

Have you experienced being treated badly by your girlfriend? Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend is good for you? Have you ever thought that there are certainly better eventually? It is important that you get help! Read about warning signs that may be early signs of violence and abuse in relationships here.

You are entitled to counseling at school

As a student you are entitled to help to get settled in school and to make good decisions and future educational and career choices. Read more about your rights here.

All you need to know about nutrients

Here's a list of the best known nutrients, which main functions they have and what foods are good sources for the different substances.

Public and quality assured
Energy and nutrients necessary for the body's growth and development, and to maintain the body's normal functions.

четверг, 26 января 2017 г.

When going abroad and need help?

If you have been forced into marriage or are in danger of being forced to marry abroad, you can ask a Norwegian embassy for help and assistance.

Public and quality assured
What can an embassy do?
The embassy will work with you and other Norwegian authorities consider how best to help you. The embassy could provide advice and guidance, as well as on certain conditions issue Norwegian passports and assist with repatriation.

Facts about marriage

Anyone wishing to marry must be 18 years. If someone under 18 want to marry, they must have the consent of the person / persons with parental responsibility and from the county. Read about the conditions for marriage in Norway.

Rules for married abroad

Marriage contracted abroad will NOT be valid in Norway if:

One of the parties will not.
One of the parties is under 18 when they marry.
Marriage is entered into without both parties were present at the marriage ceremony (deputy marriage and telephone marriage).
One of the parties is already married.
Public and quality assured
Download brochure about the rules .

Can you decide for yourself whether you can have a boyfriend or get married?

- If you have a boyfriend?

- When you're getting married?

- Whom to marry?

Got a voldsdom, and wonder how long it remains on the record

Hello. Got a voldsdom, and wonder how long it remains on the record. Is there anything that can stop me and get in the military, become a fireman or the like. He was sentenced on 6 months.

Are there juvenile prison in Norway?

Hey, I wonder if it's juvenile prison in Norway? Just as for people under 15 years old? (Or 18 years) I have not done anything criminal, I just wonder. And if it is, it often happens that children going to prison?

Use Mediation

Mediation helps ordinary people in a conflict situation, absolutely free. Agents of Mediation helps you find a solution to all types of conflicts - without going on the ordinary criminal record.

Mediation Mediation is an opportunity for those who are involved in a conflict or an offense (see examples below). An independent mediator to facilitate a meeting between you and the other (s) involved in the conflict.

What is human trafficking?

Governments and NGOs estimate that many, many thousands of women and children - both girls and boys - passed to and between countries in Western Europe as victims of trafficking. Some ports in Norway.

Public and quality assured
What is human trafficking?
When we talk about human trafficking, it concerns

Prevents sports delinquency?

hello Do you know that sport prevents youth to break the barn? or in other words, preventing sports delinquency?

I have committed theft at work

I have committed theft at work and was taken for it. I admit to have done it on the spot. Both employer and I signed papers stating that I paid back what I stalling and that I was not going to get any more consequences of this matter. But I have done it earlier too. How can you uncover embezzlement / theft and what evidence do you need to be punished for it? I have already resigned, but if they decide to investigate what will they look for? Surveillance video is well deleted after 7 days? We are talking about several months ago.

I got fined for a theft two years ago, it would have an impact on my education as social educator?

Hello. 2 years ago I did something incredibly stupid and got a regular fines for theft. Now I am studying to become a social educator and has been offered a new job as health worker in substance abuse and psychiatry in a municipality. I have been asked to submit a police. I know that there are new rules for what should be included in this certificate, but I do not know what. And they ask me to present the certificate when I was offered a new job in December, before this rule came into effect? And will educate themselves as social being completely wasted now, with this anmerkninen on the record?

Why are some tempted to do illegal things?

Hello I wonder what caused most to be tempted to do something that we know is illegal and can be punished. If your background has a lot to say? That I mean that if you have family problems etc. Thanks for the reply

Would such a small offense will make about påtaleunnlatelsene mine for the record?

hi, i have 2 years ago been taken flat section, (between a friend of mine when we were both 17) and one year ago I was taken to smoke hashish, both cases ended as waivers of prosecution, but 2 months ago I was taken for shoplifting and wondered if one so little offense will redo påtaleunnlatelsene mine to the record. and if I possibly enters the usa about 20 days, has not been sent anything from the police yet, this means that they drop the case or that it takes a long time to answer sånnt?

Are schools allowed to take my cell phone during school hours?

hey have a question in my school for one day a week is the mobilfri day when collecting di the phone thought of a thing is not the unlawful taking mobile hvist you refuse they are the there object when they are well actually a type of stealing once I refused to let it in rygseken they said di that was ok getting no were allowed to touch seken without my right to the said di. by the way a question hvist a politiman asks you to get rummage you can not then request a search warrent first must di get a warrent of papers first such I have heard. they act as police to people watching me quite stykt spessielt in shops seems like di think I'm going to steal, they may be due to dress my style one Compton caps long NWA t shorter and baggy jeans di has not exactly right to ranskae me for the hvist they were to happen would not they when every police harrasmen they're not allowed to behandel people left differs due to dress and how they look?

I wonder if youth crime in Norway has increased or decreased in recent years?

I wonder if youth crime in Norway has increased or decreased in recent years?

I think it sounds like you've got a school assignment - when you track down facts and figures and answering the task in their own words. A good place to start is, for example. This article about crime in Norway from forskning.no , and you can check out the figures from Statistics Norway here. This is admittedly figures from 2015, so it may have changed since then.

NRK also had a few days ago an article that youth crime had begun to rise again now, after prolonged downturn

False identification

Using a fake ID is not recommended, whatever the reason is that you let yourself be tempted. You can get fined, and then you end up on " record " your.

Public and quality assured
Many are looking forward to when they turn 18. Then they can do most:

You are of legal age and have all rights
You can buy cigarettes, wine and beer but not liquor
You can vote in election
You decide in personal and financial matters
You can take the test for car
Adopted children have the right to know who their biological parents are, if it is known to the authorities
You can go big game hunting alone and buy hunting guns
You can go into the clubs with 18+
For some it may be tempting to borrow an identification card of large sibling or other one similar. Still others may be tempted to falsify identity documents. There are many reasons why the temptation may feel great for many. Maybe your friends are 'on the town' while not going into some places?

Is it legal to own knuckles?

Is it illegal to be in possession of a fight glove? A fighting glove has four metal rings which are around fingers, as well as one handle.

Public and quality assured
Such type of fighting glove is illegal to own, possess and / or to introduce in Norway. This stands in Weapons Regulations § 1-1, paragraph 1:

Crime prevention

- The police know who are criminals.

Pre Judging or is it true?

Public and quality assured
Tagging, auto theft and robbery is called "strategic offense". Experience shows that young people who commit such "strategic offense", more often than others continue with criminal activities and get a life of crime, police, judiciary and prison services.

No disclaimer
Everyone has a responsibility to prevent crime. Crime Prevention Council (KRÅD) to help ensure that children and young people become active and responsible towards themselves and others circumstances.

Ungdomskriminalitet occurs almost always in gangs. Committing crimes in a gang environment perceived as exciting and gives status in the gang. For some it is easier to commit crimes with gang than it is to break out of it. It could end very wrong and serious.

You are responsible
There are certainly others in the gang who do not think it's so nice to break the law, or you have any other known. Ask if they will be involved in other activities. Take the initiative to do exciting things that are legal.

Parents are responsible
Parents are responsible for providing youth opportunities to a rich and exciting youth. Therefore, they must take the young with the active and exciting experiences to young people's terms, or give the youth the opportunity to participate in such activities. Snowboarding, horseback riding, there are a variety of activities. It may cost some money and some effort from parents, but the costs of refuse could be much higher. Tell that to your parents.

The municipality's responsibility
The municipality has a responsibility to facilitate activities for youth. Young people are entitled to a sound environment. Besides, it is much cheaper and better to support skateboard park, youth club and other activities than the financial and human cost of having gangs wandering around aimlessly in a municipality where only offers excitement is criminal activity, alcohol, burglary and tagging. Use child and youth council or contact you to local newspapers and politicians, be active and set requirements.

Hehe. I have to chuckle here I am. Firstly I laugh at how bad we youngsters is to write Norwegian. It's hideous. Today's teachers can not teach anything at all! Crime is a remarkable thing. It has existed as long as mankind has passed, and come to exist in perpetuity. Some of the states that Norway has an ugly crime problem. That's not entirely true. However, Norway has the fastest growing crime rate in the world! It has risen steadily with population, but exploded after 1995. Why do you ask? Immigrants. I know this is fyfy to say, and I'm certainly no racist, but it's a fact we unfortunately did not come from. The isolation of minority groups and the government failed integration attempt has led to immigrants fall outside society and tend to turn to the criminal environment. And what do the police and the government? Shut your eyes. "There is no problem with immigrants". Yeah right! I'm tired of of never being able to go for a party without seeing anyone get in trouble with foreigners. It is clear that immigrants inferiority complex, and the urge to "rough it" surpasses common sense and intelligence. Scary but true. Or what do you think? Thanks. Greeting Boy 17

Consequences of Shoplifting

Naske, "borrow" steal. Have you been tempted to bring anything into your bag or pocket which you have not paid for? Comment article!

Public and quality assured
Think about it next time, it can have consequences.

Offences of those between 15 and 18

You are over the age of criminal liability, but still not legal. What rules apply to you between 15 and 18?

Public and quality assured
Offenders from 15 to 18 years
All the general provisions of the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Act can be applied to offenders over 15 years. There are, however, certain special rules for young people from 15 to 18 years.

Should not be put in jail
After the Criminal Procedure Act § 174, second paragraph , ref. § 184, second paragraph , persons under 18 are not arrested or detained if it is not particularly necessary.

The police and the court will anyway have to consider whether or not the purpose can be achieved through other measures, such as

What is going on the record (police certificate)?

Registering with the police can adversely affect your plans career choices. Mikael got fined for urinating in public space. What consequences will this have for him?

Anne (16) was taken to drink alcohol in public space

You are taken to drink alcohol in the park, you get fined. In addition, the police send concern to child protection.

Read about Anne who was taken to drink in the park, and the Line (14) that got away.

Kenneth (14) must meet with the police

Kenneth truant part. He hangs at the center in the evenings, where it takes part shoplifting. He gets called in for an interview at the police station with his mother, why?

Beware of file sharing or piracy

File sharing may be illegal copying. Want to use file sharing, you must be aware of the copyright laws. Read more about it here.

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Much of the content found on the Internet are protected by legislation on copyright. This means that the people who own the rights to the music, film or computer program you want to download, can decide how their products are made available.

The age of criminal responsibility

The age of criminal responsibility in Norway is 15 years ( Penal Code § 20 first paragraph a ). Persons under 15 who commit crimes can not be punished.

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Although the age of criminal responsibility is 15 years, it is still not allowing persons under 15 years and commit crimes are completely without responsibility or instruments.

Do you have a disability and want to do sports?

Norwegian sport has room for everyone and the Norwegian Sports jobs for everyone who wants it can find a sport and an offer that is tailored to individual requirements and aspirations. Do you desire to start with a sport? Initiate - there are many possibilities!

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Would you like to start with sport in your local environment, but unsure of how to proceed?

What you who have disabilities can do

Being disabled among many non-disabled can be demanding and experienced difficult. But with a little effort and own resources situation can often be less challenging.

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The biggest obstacles encountered is that others are unsure of how to relate to your disability. They may be afraid to do something wrong, or they think simply that something can be perceived as an obstacle. The main source others have compared to your inclusion is you! You are the expert on your situation.

I am a girl of 17 years who has scoliosis and a connective tissue disorder. This corrodes! I struggle as well psychologically. How can I increase my joy of life?

Hello I am a girl of 17 years and I suffer from scoliosis and also have a connective tissue disorder (hypermobility syndrome), infection in both feet and nerve damage in one foot too. This burns me out in so many ways, because I'm tired all the time. Things that are easy for others can be quite difficult for me (my illness might make me twice as fast tired than those who do not suffer from this "fresh") such as, socialize, be in some types of physical activity, only it go hurts, I sleep badly at night, 3 hours each day normally due pains. I'm struggling mentally much because of diseases but also because I have had some childhood trauma as sexual abuse, serious mental ill parent who has tried to commit suicide, poverty (that you see that your own parents can not afford a bread even) I've seen people I love and know die both physically and mentally. I wonder how I can heal or at least increase the life my joy, there's an answer?

I have some questions that bothers me a bit. I have Asperger Syndrome. Can Asperger eventually disappear?

Hey, I wonder something that bothers me a bit, actually. Ever since I've been born I have had Asperger syndrome. I remember well that I was bullied in elementary school because of exactly this. It was so illa that I had to move and change schools. At the new school in 7th class a miracle happened. I got many good friends! They took me well received and after nearly three years I feel I have become more "normal" in a way. I manage to talk common with my mates and understand what they are saying! I feel that the syndrome is completely gone! I remember that I did embarrassing things in elementary school such as showing penis my schoolyard and shower with my clothes just to rough me for the others. I must admit that I do not quite 100% is entirely in the social, but I'm MUCH better on road than I was 3 years ago. That I should ask about is: 1: Is Asperger Syndrome which recedes? 2: Are there any positive aspects with Asperger Syndrome? 3: Some other facts?

Ane has ADHD

20-year Ane from Stavanger girl and have ADHD. On the outside she looks like a normal girl. During the day she works as an electrician apprentice, and at night she hangs with friends. - But Ane has ADHD, a diagnosis most people tend to see as a kid thing.

I can "grow" out of me diagnosed with ADHD?

Hi I have ADHD also I wonder if it goes Ann and get rid of it or if one can grow out of it, or has the rest of his life

You ask if you can "grow" out of you diagnosed with ADHD. We can not answer in ung.no. What we do know is that some will gain or "growing" of his diagnosis when they get older, but it does not apply to everyone.

I would recommend you read the links that I put under your answer. Would also recommend you to look at the homepage of adhd.no where you'll find information that may be relevant to you.

Wish you all the best.

Sincerely nurse.

Living with ADHD is not always easy. But suddenly one can see the advantages of it too! Yousef Bartho Assidiq says.

The post is SREV of Yousef

It's not easy being a young adult and struggle to function socially, struggle with inner turmoil and simultaneously to live an independent and dignified life with everything life has to offer in terms of challenges, but one has no choice?

When I was little so did my parents know that I would never function normally. I would not have a proper language, would not be able to write coherent texts - and I would not be able to function independently in life.

Psychiatry was wrong. At least in part, if I'll be honest. This here is a continuous text, and it's not my first. I have a full-fledged language and now lives alone and manages me actually pretty good.

My best friend has been paralyzed arm and I'm so sorry.

My friend is having a hard - how can I help?

my best veninne and cousin have been lame in one arm. I'm so u6rolig ei me and thinks about her all tien. I can not find peace and every time I'm alone I start to cry. Mom knows I'm sorry, but I will not talk to her that much. my cousin deserve just something so much better than adding the whole life.

I am a girl who has a very light degree of mental retardation. Can I live a normal life with children or being CPS involved?

Hello, I am a girl of 20 years who has a very light degree of psykiskutvillinghemming. I am very rising socially I've gone in high school, health and social, health work and children and youth. I'll take the examination in a kindergarten soon. My problem is that I have severe learning difficulties at thrush for this. I live in the residence, but it is that I struggle very psychic to is sometimes a danger to myself .. Have been hospitalized in one half now. Thinking about moving to myself in a year if I take myself together to not drink alcohol, because it has destroyed much for me! Are suisidal etc. of it. But those in the residence have tru that I can do it. I do all the housework, etc. yourself. But what I wonder is whether I can live a normal life with children etc? Or come CPS automatically intervene?

Will CPS take my child because I have a disability?

Hello Go up in weight is easy but not down! The best way to lose weight is to go bass angel! you should not swim but go into the water eat only 5 times a day only healthy food crap least 5 glasses of water a day take 40 sit-ups in the morning and 50 at night so I went down to about 20 kg in 5 months! Good luck! Do not look in the mirror get a lot! otherwise you see yourself as a bucket!Hi! I and my exsen (20 years) talking about getting children away, we fancy children. But we are afraid that the child takes it from us. We are both renal function inhibited and parents our saying that we can not have children and it disappoints me. Because my mom says almost all the time that it is strictly forbidden to get pregnant. And they know that we are old enough to take responsibility to get pregnant or not. We do not want children now but sometime in the future. So I wonder if there is an opportunity to give birth to the child also enlist the help of family and friends to have a helping responsibilities? or whether CPS takes it from us right away? I have learned once again that a child must grow up side own parents! I realize that if you drink alcohol, you have a reason to be taken from the children there, but we're never going to be there. Thank you very much in advance?

Relax your body and little obvious? + Music Video

When the time has come that you take hold of yourself and do something about it.

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There may be many reasons why you feel sluggish and tired. If you know yourself that you have minimal moving and not ingest the nutrients your body needs, it may be time to take action.

Do you believe in miracles?
Dieting is often not the right solution. There are no limits to what is offered by slimming products, such as slimming soaps, slimming soles, slender powder diet pills slankete, banana and pineapple cures. Much that it offered, holding simply not what it promises. Those who try to lose weight with these courses, see kilos breeds quickly again. Do not be fooled! There is no other way to get into shape, lose weight and keep the weight on than changing diet and exercise habits.

Tips to eat right + Video

Cut down on foods and drinks that have high energy content and low in nutrients, such as soda, candy and snacks.
Tips to eat right

With different advice in the media there can be difficult to know what to eat to be healthy. See here what the Directorate of Health recommends.

My leisure: Song and Music | The recording Studio kids + Video

Johanna (18) of Lenvik in Troms sing mass in his spare time, she has a beautiful voice and is used to performing in front of an audience. Ung.no interviewed her about how it is to have singing as leisure activity.

What is the greatest thing to have singing as leisure activity? For me, singing a good relaxation, I relax. When I sing it's just me and my voice. I get out my thoughts and can express my feelings while I get to be myself and just enjoy it.

How long have you interesting in singing and music? My whole life, really. When I was younger, I sang in a children's choir and took piano lessons. When I was a little older, I started to take singing lessons. I also come from a very musical famille, singing and music has been a part of growing up. I remember well when I got my first microphone, when I went in 6th grade, and it was in a way when I realized that I really liked to sing.

Prebz and Dennis match!

ALL ARE KLEINE: Remember that everyone in the world is kleine. Any fool of himself all the time. Do not be afraid of being embarrassed. Smile at people and be nice. Tell a joke! Everyone likes to hear jokes, and it's even funny with bad jokes, says Dennis.

Youtuberne help through difficult dilemmas. See here what they themselves would have answered some of the questions that have been submitted to us!

Tips for a balanced diet + Video

You will not get very far with all sorts of diets. These small adjustments will help you to a healthier lifestyle.

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You are in a phase of life where the body is in growth and development. That means it is important that you get enough food and a variety of different foods so you're getting all the nutrients your body needs. Here you get some good food tips from a fitness specialist reports.

When life has become too busy

I go to handball, choir, climbing, snowboarding and skiing. I want to do well in school because I have to have good grades for what I'm going into afterwards .
life busy

.. I've always had a lot of good friends and my best friend have it hard now and I try to help as best I can. On weekends I try to make time for my girlfriend when I'm not working at the cafe. When I do my homework now, I am not able to concentrate and lately I have begun to cry sometimes for no reason.

Three questions you must overcome job interview + Video

Most interviews are pleasant. Goes a long way to be yourself, breathe out and respond well. But it can also appear difficult questions. Here are some great tips on how you can prepare yourself.
job interview

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Imagine the following situation: You sit on a job interview and how to respond, but suddenly you feel that your mouth gets dry and you get sweaty palms. The interviewer looks down at the table and writes on a paper. Suddenly she looks at you - and ask you a difficult question that is supposed to tilt of the stick.

Confirmation - what are you?

Will you confirm the you? What confirmation will in that case have?

What is confirmation?
There are several ways to confirm the on, but in Norway it is common to confirm the either ecclesiastical or humanistic. An ecclesiastical confirmation is about to confirm and renew baptismal promises and their faith. A humanistic confirmation about learning to make their own choices and challenge to independent thinking and ethical reflection.

The word "confirmation" comes from the Latin word "confirmatio" which means affirmation, confirmation or strengthening.

Posting pictures of others online without law

Illegally posted the photo
Has posted some pictures on Facebook from a school trip we were on. One of the class wants me to delete the photos of her, but I'm not sure why. The pictures are not something dangerous and does not show party or something like that. She said only that she did not think she saw something nice out. It's my pictures. Can she claim that I should remove them? What happens if I do not?


After the Copyright Act § 45c can not a photograph depicting a person be reproduced or published without the consent of the depicted. From this general rule is that the provision given some exceptions. This includes the typical situation where images picture of the person is less important than the depiction of the main content of the image. Examples of this can be images of the audience at a concert or a football game. These exceptions are not relevant in this case.

Be proud of the body you have! + Video + Comments

Teenage is a time when your body is changing a lot. During a few years the body develops from a child to an adult, and in this period it is normal to feel uncertainty and to compare themselves with others.
Be proud of the body you have!

Changes that occur in the body during puberty can easily cause insecurity and uncertainty. "Am I normal?", "Am I too fat?", "Am I too thin?", "Do I have enough power?" and similar thoughts.

20 signs that YOU are in love + video

Here at ung.no we often get questions from young people who wonder if they are in love. In this article you will find 20 signs that may indicate that YOU are in love!

1. Smiling
When we are in love, we are often happy and we smile generally more than usual. A smile can say more than words, and if you smile a lot to the person you are in love, you show interest.

2. Vision
It is often the case that we see a lot of it we like, maybe a little in hiding. Searching gaze his / her and would like them to notice you.